Okay uh.. my darts?


i used to be able to hoard darts but now when i collect it wont give them to me? im at 233/140 and vip… is this a fix and was i unfairly getting a ton when i wasnt supposed to before? just curious…


The only way that you are SUPPOSED to be able to go over your max number of darts is to buy them in the store, or if you get them from a level up. Spinning and incubators will not usually increase your darts beyond the max, except in special situations.


not even incubators i open are counting though


whereas before they had…


during the soft launch you could go over your max darts if you got them from incubators. it might have only been the free one every 6 hours, but you could. you haven’t been able to go over 140 without buying them from the store for a while now.


well i finally been using my 1400+ darts so thats probably right then… lol got an indo tho so i can stop being bitter lmao


I have never once been able to go over 140


idk i did buy a few super incubators n got the amc one ?


From what ive seen, if you use cash to finish an incubator before its time, the extra darts will be added on top.


Yes. I got to restart the game that those above 140 show up.