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Okay umm excuse me

So I went for the epic strike event and I went for cloak, and evasive and DP and each one failed like I can’t believe that every single one failed right? Just wanted to ask if any go this in the epic strike event.

Mine worked

My Erlidom’s cloak failed, but Utarinex and Lil’ Kapro took care of the rest.

All my cloak/dodge failed too. Not a happy bunny.

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I got lucky on my Erlidominus’ cloak and won, but do you remember the Rajasaurus Epic Strike event? I got really unlucky there. I didn’t get the 75% dodge the 3-4 times I used it. I didn’t get the 90% critical chance on Thylacotator either. I still won it somehow.

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I had bad luck on the first Indom G2 strike event, the easier one. I could have planned for the AI lineup that most people had faced and done it no RNG required, but I decided to risk one 75% dodge to use a team that would be able to beat any possible lineup.

The first time the dodge failed (if I had just gone with the no RNG team I would have won), the second time one of the 5% dinos got a lucky crit on the one turn where it mattered, and the third and final time the 75% dodge failed again.

That’s why I always try to avoid relying on RNG and dodges, as far as possible, in epic strikes. Better safe than sorry. If you head on over to the Gameplay thread, we come up with strategies to do just that. There’s videos too.

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Remember, it’s a SEVENTY FIVE percent chance to dodge, not ONE HUNDRED. SEVENTY FIVE is NOT GUARENTEED.

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Lol ya but still 75% failing three times is ridiculous especially when each one is different and I tried again and guess what everytime it worked and I was able to beat it tho I got blue and no carbo so sadness

But I mean if I had sidestep maybe it be better

Lol same :sob:.

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I just nuked it with Thor. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Got a lot of Carbo DNA and some Ardonto DNA

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It’s even less percentage if caps lock is on :yum:

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Yeah my 1st try was a disaster just because cloak and evasive didn’t work at all.The 2nd time i try i win extremely easy and my dodges actually work 75% as it should be.

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What I want to know is why Utarinex was faster than the unboosted Indoraptor Gen 2 on my second account! I thought strikes weren’t boosted (yet!). Needless to say that account failed, though not by much. I probably should’ve used The Rat to finish, as the last dino was low HP.

My main account was no problem. L30 Tryostronix, then when that died I think I brought out L27 Ardentismaxima for the final bite

That’s odd. The only explanation I can think of is that it used Decelerating Strike.

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Maybe that’s what happened. I don’t have a recording of the match, unfortunately.