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Okay, Update 1.12 is on its Way

And I have a few requests to make.

Now, first, I’m all for new dinosaurs.

Ya hear me Ludia? Dinosaur. Di-no-saur. Seriously. I mean it. If you don’t give us some actual dinosaurs, I’m gonna unleash Indo G2 on y’all.

Now that we got that out of the way, I need to see some hybrids happen. Y’all know who I’m talking about…


And maybe Postimetrodon. Maybe. Tryostronix has its moments. But definitely the others.

Yeah. Them! You forgot about them? We barely even use these guys, even in the Tournaments. And maybe that’s our faults, but I just wanna see these guys get some love. They’ve been without attention for how many updates? 5? 6? 7? Like seriously. Give us some of those amazing meta changing hybrids. Or at least meta-accommodating hybrids. Give these ignored hybrids a reason to be at least created and leveled up. To gather their ingredients and use them to make sick hybrids for our teams.

Oh, and please at least try and make them with old dinos. Not any of the new creatures, where it’ll take forever and a day to level up.

That’s all I’m asking for. Some awesome, moderately accessible hybrids. Is that really too much to politely ask? I did say “please”.


Alanqa needs a hybrid for sure, I had so much of its DNA stocked up and wouldnt take it over 20 coz I kept thinking next patch it would get one, but it never came lol.

It needs to retain that massive beak though, it’s its trademark!

I also would have loved to see micro dinosaurs like Compy, Microraptor, Archaeopteryx and so forth.

And if it doesnt make sense for tiny creatures to fight huge dinosaurs, they could offer some sort of support role, or buffs or something.

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I agree… but Nodopato may get a fourth hybrid this patch…

Dsungaia need hybrid

I’ve done the same thing. I used to use it when Indominus Rex was a major problem, but of course, this meta doesn’t allow for tanks to roam around. I hope it’ll finally have something we can be proud of.

Oh really? That’s interesting. I hope it’ll be a good one. Stegodeus is boss, even though its reign is over, and the other two were sorta underwhelming. I really wish Nodopodotitan was more dangerous.

I kinda don’t want to it to have a hybrid, mainly because I just want to enjoy its power in my team. I’m struggling just getting it to team level, and the idea of getting it to level 20 just to use a hybrid will destroy me probably /^^

Besides, Majundasuchus has been hybrid-less since its inception, and that was literally day one. This one needs the best dang Unique there is. Cause I can bet you that everyone has enough DNA to get this thing to level flipping 20, with thousands of DNA to go.

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I’m really hoping carbotops gets a hybrid soon! Maybe not this update as it’s still somewhat newish. But I really hope so. I want to see allorap and carbotops hybrids the most right now.

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:smile: Yeah I understand why a lot of people don’t want it to have a hybrid for that reason. I’m just biased as well because I specifically stocked up enough dsunga and miragaia to create a unique dsungaia hybrid.

Oh yeah Alanqa was like THE Indominus troll lol, when it first released with swap in invincibility the first thing I thought (otger than “how can it see me if I’m invincible?” Lol jk) was when Indom would cloak I would swap it in, and I just had the image come to mind of Alanqa going “Im just gunna sit down right har” lol

Then followed by time wasting from the Indom playet after it xD.

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I hated Alanqa for that alone. Lol


I actually had trouble dealing with Alanqua and her hybrid. At the time, my only chomper was Rexy, so I was like - “what the actual heck am I supposed to do?!” XD


Gigaspik is also ok. She recompensates her lover hp and attack with a counter and higher armor. Nodopatot is surely the weakest of them

Alankylosaurus + Pyroraptor = Rodan

Now that I think about it, how about another superhybrid of two creatures? Like how Indominus is fused with one of its own ingredients to give Indoraptor.
You could have Indominus + T-rex gives Indorex lol.

Seriously though, for something like Alankylo, you could give it 2 Uniques, one for each of its ingredients. That way you’d have one that’s even tankier and slower, and another that regains Alanqa’s speed.

Perhaps this would be better with an epic or rare hybrid, where you give it two legendaries, one with each ingredient. That would be fun to see.
You could have bulkier Majungajundasuchus and a 128 speed Nundajundasuchus, as an example.

That way you get more hybrids with the same over-stocked DNA that everyone has.

Majunga better get a Unique. Baby needs some love


What kind of dino are we talking for Alankylosaurus? Kelenken? A raptor? Perhaps Triceratops?

Maybe something that matches body size, or something similar. No, something that can mesh with her body type. Kelenken looks like a good candidate. I think that the smaller theropods might work out - Proceratosaurus, Carnotarus or Mono G2 might work out.

That idea actually sounds cool. It gives us an option of whether we want to invest in the faster hybrid or the bulkier one. Kind of like Rexy and her usage for Indominus Rex and Tryko. Both hit hard, but one is faster than the other.

I honestly have no idea how to improve Alankylosaurus. It has a very clear gimmick in Shields, and it’s a good balance of defence and offence with a little speed control thrown in too. It’s kind of like Diplovenator with Distraction.

A Unique would probably have to have its own thing. Stigydaryx already has SI-Invincibility, but an Alankylosaurus hybrid should probably keep that too. Or I suppose Swap-in Defense could work.

Miragaia’s already taken, but it would make sense.
Megaloceros could work too. That would either look terrible or awesome. I’m pretty sure the Shedinja-person (I don’t remember their username) suggested that one. Shielded Decel Strike would be perfect, and if Alankylo was faster and Immune to Decel like Meg, it wouldn’t need Short Defense anymore.

Long Defensive Strike could also replace Short Defense, but SDS would be more useful.

Brontotherium perhaps? Definite Rampage would be cool to have. Don’t know if that design would work though. It already has Swap-in Defense.

If Definite Rampage is too much, it could get Precise Rampage or even Raking Claws instead.
Then it would be an even bigger threat to the Indominus line.

Shielded Decel Strike,
Definite Rampage/Precise Rampage/Raking Claws
Long Invincibility
Dig In
Swap-in Invincibility/Defense
Immunity to Deceleration

I think that could work. Perhaps it could be like Koolabourg and have high base damage with Definite Impact Instead.
If it’s fast, Precise Rampage might be best, since that’s available on turn 1. But if you have to set up a shield first anyway it doesn’t matter.

Unfortunately, Megaloceros is—you know—exclusive and all.

Edit: that build could give Quetzorion a run for its money lol.

The thing with having new hybrids with old forgotten dinos is that people at this point will have massive stockpiles of DNA for those. Which means that if they ever created a “good” hybrid with say, majun and alanqua, people could insta level it to high 20s straight after patch and ludia has proven very reluctant in doing that. So what happens is that they just tie one of those old unused dinos with one of the new release (which no one has DNA for) to make a new hybrid that everyone (new player and old) can barely level.

On one hand, I hate it because I feel like it punishes veteran players as regardless of how cool the new hybrids are, I know ill never be able to use them on my team, almost ever, as my team average is around 27 right now and it would take me litteral months for them to even be within the lower range of team level.

On the other hand, they are good for getting new players in as those newly created hybrids will already be at team level for them after creation or close to after a few events/incubators.

Thats why I also like those skill tournament because its basically the only time ill ever get to use them/see them!

Come on! GIve us Moschops!


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The list of non-superhybrid hybrids is increasingly high, especially with respect to the legendary ones. Everyone should soon have a single but, unfortunately, each version Ludia increases this list. Some have been on the waiting list for more than a year !! I don’t know if the list is complete but we have at least the following:


For me, the ideal would be to create at least two unique per version with these legendary ones that are waiting for unique and, at least, one that was not created with a damn exclusive dinosaur.