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Okay, Update 1.12 is on its Way

Yeah I suppose. I just hope it’s the case. I am also interested in Postimetrodon getting another hybrid. I mean, yeah, Tryostronix is kinda beast, but it can easily get overwhelmed with the dodging and whatnot.

I dont know where u life, but every Park i visited, gaves me the elephant. With sanctuaries her DNS grows very fast.
But its hard to keep the Focus on it, and dont jump on the mainstream-IG2-train

Have you forgotten about Alankylosaurus?:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sorry meant unique hybrid, one that has the Alanqa beak =).

Kylo is great though, pretty much had to have it on my team coz I faced a lot of cloakers without shield breaking like Indom and Erlidom.

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I had it in there before, but I felt a bit too many creatures bit it to death😂

Yeah most times I kept it as my forth and didnt use it, but those times and Indom comes out and straight up cloaks I’m like “Get your beak out there Kylo” lol

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I think what the game needs now is a MASSIVE migration (keep Quetz at local 2, the rest can go), which would also include releasing some of the exclusive creatures into the wild

Plus, fixing the number of green drops

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True, I forgot about the new ones. It is sad, each version adds more dinos to this list of forgotten dinos, which should not evolve, waiting for superhybrid. The last version came out one of the list (the Monolometrodon to make a single garbage) and 2 more were added.

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Just gonna put this here it’s relates to a change for rending takedown in 1.12 pls looking into it if you haven’t Save thylacotor

Epic Titanoboa’s colouring looks Reticulated Python-inspired. I like it.

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