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Old account recovery | android

I had an account on android tablet but I didn’t have any accounts linked to it… my android had been factory reset and I lost all progress on my game. I gave up all hope of getting it back because I never had my support code, but after looking through some old YouTube videos on my account I found that I had made videos on it and I naively put my id and support code in it. The videos both only got about 25-30 views so I don’t think anyone else broke in.

I have my support code and id and I can prove that the video is mine.
Just wondering if its possible to recover my account.

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Welcome to the Forum! :smiley:

Yes, it is very much possible. Firstly, you should email support with your old and new Support Key so that they can transfer old data to your new device. Note, they may take 4 or more business days to respond so till then you must wait.

Secondly, the videos — I strongly suggest making them Private or Unlisted. Exposing the Support Key is very dangerous.


Thanks I got everything sorted out now!


Anytime. :+1:

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HI i was also wondering i could transfer my android account to an ios device because my android isnt working well anymore

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You should be able to. Go through the tutorial on the new device and then send Support both Support Keys.

Or link your account to Facebook. Then you no longer have to depend upon Ludia Support to transfer data