Old account restored, need community’s help on how to fix up my park

I have recently upgraded to an iPhone XR, and after transferring my game data my old park is now playable again. Looking at my lineup, I realized that my ferocity is super unbalanced, and I am facing really tough teams without the proper dinos to fight them with.
Any suggestions?

I’m assuming I have to sell the Mastadonsaurus, since it’s leagues above my Sarcosuchus in ferocity.

Since it’s just 1 dino that you have pretty high and it is a VIP i’d probably just keep it and see how it goes. You should be fine once you get some more dino’s in lvl 40 legendary ferocity range.

I’d look at making some rare and super rare hybrids. They will be useful for quite a while and fit into your currently lineup.

Since Legendary dino’s are about the most common prize I’d probably hold off on purchasing very many with DNA but soemtimes you just never get what you need and it need to be done.

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He’s level 40. He can’t even buy legendaries with DNA. Our source of legendary dinos is entirely from hitting jackpots in Monsters of the Deep and the weekly tournaments. It’ll take forever for him to get more legendary 40s.

That being said though, I don’t think you sell the mastodonsaurus either. VIPs are rare.

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I started playing before reshuffle, so I have access to several legendaries.

For now just grind out the highest creatures you can buy with dna and try to get through by LOTS of evolution

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Short-term plan: you need carnivores to complement the level 10 VIPs. Preferably something that can attack… Level 20 Tournament Legendaries and level 30 Legendaries can fill this role. Level 40 Alangasaurus will almost work and is quick and cheap.

Longer-term plan: Start moving toward level 40 Legendaries and below and Common hybrids and level 30 for Tournament Legendaries, Rare hybrids (level 40 for Diplotator), and Super-rare hybrids. These all have Ferocities in the same neighborhood as level 20 VIPs. This process won’t be quick, but it’s where you are already headed.

I would start with the Common hybrids and super-rares as well as evolving any hybrids you currently have access to. Once you get access to Rare and Super-rare hybrids, start prioritizing them. But try to stay balanced across the classes. Use the first hatching pod for this part of the project. Use the other three for Legendaries. Keep churning them out until you have several level 40s of each class.

As others have already said, hold off on selling the Mastodonsaurus. It’s not so high that it should completely wreck your PVE, although you may have to get creative on certain matchups.


Id say work on more Carnos/legendaries, then get them to lvl 30, so they are on par with your Mastodon.

Dont sell him, just get more legendaries at lvl 30, or also super rares at lvl 40.

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Grab some more lvl 20 VIPs to balanceout the lvl 20 VIP.

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Hello everyone, I have a small inquery. I’ve been saving DNA, and I know have 16,500. You all have let me know that I need to start working towards upgrading my carnivore lineup, and I currently have 3 good carnivores unlocked. These are: Megalosaurus, Dimetrodon, and Tyrannosaurus. I have enough DNA to create a level 30 of Tyrannosaurus or Dimetrodon, or a second level 20 Megalosaurus (Which I will not be fusing, level 20 Megalosaurus is pretty good at this point in the game) Which should I purchase?