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Old alliance bug

I left my old alliance few weeks ago and I still keep seeing their DNA requests in my alliance chat. I’d rather help my new alliancemembers now so my donates don’t go waste. Is there a way to fix this please?

Are you not seeing requests from your new Alliance?

It’s not a waste, if you are helping each other out. Maybe if you are donating DNA that is very scarce and you can’t afford to spare it then it’s a bummer if you give it to a member of your former Alliance, at the expense of a member of your new (current) Alliance, but it’s still not really a waste. I kind of wish that sort of “bug” happened more often with me at the moment, so that my requests (and opportunities to unload my surplus DNA) could reach a larger audience.

It seems to happen to me sometimes with people who were friends with me before the Alliance system got added, and remain friends even though we’re not in the same Alliance.

I have the same thing. I just restart the game and the request from the old Alliance are gone. Like you I also don’t want to donate to my old alliance members. Always donated, but almost got nothing in return. My new Alliance helps me a lot so I rather spend my DNA on them.

Hey Nautilus, our team is aware of this issue, and they’re still investigating the problem. At the moment, as other players had suggested, rebooting your game should remove the incorrect DNA request from your Alliance chat.