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I don’t know the team looks great

The good ole days🥺


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Rexy will probably be nerfed when I get mortem though

So not too much concern

I remember mirigaia was insanely broken and used by top players among uniques XD


~200 trophies today:

~200 trophies in summer 2018:


That’s actually crazy.


That’s what happens when dna is handed out like candy


This was my team at around 2600. That was late August 2019 (when I had rediscovered the game for my second summer.) By early September I had apparently unlocked Allosino and was sitting at 3500.



This decision is something that I will never understand. I am indescribably happy I started back then and had the experience I did. Wouldn’t change a day… until when raids, alliance championships and all the following madness such as the pass were added to the game. That I would change. :joy:

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I remember the olden days back when the best creature used to be Mortem Rex, and now it’s all over the place… also why do I feel like I’m doing something on the line of “Back in my day…”

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Because it’s fitting lol

“Back in my day” is the equivalent to “in the good ol days” for this game


Back before the bugs… before people were quitting the game…


one night i maxed all my supply drops both regular and event in 15 minutes. This was before the lag. now it takes like 15 hours

Honestly idk what kind of lag you are facing maybe it’s just my phone can handle the game and maybe the lag is what happens on my friends devices. Can you guys explain more on what’s laggy so I can understand?

Literally 90% of the game, no joke. It probably varies from phone to phone but the past few updates have brought nothing but lag. Why? How? idk. I dont think anyone knows.

It now takes several seconds to load up the store to get the free incubator, as well as opening up the dino collection page. Never used to before.

Can’t spin stops while being a passenger in a car, the game turns into a powerpoint presentation with like 3 frames per second. By the time you’re able to load the stop, it’s out of range. Or the map just doesn’t load and is blank. Also never used to before.

Trying to open the alliance tab? Also takes several seconds.

Not to mention all the crashing :roll_eyes:

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when you ride the map lags bad. you can barely tap on any drops. missing many. i use to be able to hit every drop along the ride now it’s big gaps between hitting drops. the spin will sometimes lag and it takes forever to open. the map wont spin or takes a long time to spin. maybe i’ll record later and upload a video. could just be my old phone but it does it on my wife’s too. i have iphone 7 she has an android a51 or something. hers has always been worse as the game seems to run better on iphone. but after an update or 2 ago it got really really really bad. it was almost unplayable. then it got a little better. then there was the whole 30/31 thing where you had to do stuff to get into the game. at home on wifi it works fine and walking is ok but while riding it is awful. Also when i try to view my collection of dinos tab it lags big delay before it goes into the screen for whatever reason. it never did that before.

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I still have an old video of me clearing a tower with Eddie. God I played so bad lol