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Old levels

How come we can’t go back to older levels and replay them for loot?


It would Be Nice If They Made It Possible!

Relatively speaking, they give a lot of loot. Unless they reduce that or otherwise gate it, you could farm oodles of gold.

I mean… I’m on the chain after Hidden forge, and those pay out in chests with 60-70 gold, plus drops If I could farm those… I’d make thousands an hour.

So, they’d have to change that. Like… a single card and no gold or gems. Or something to make it truly a grind.

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I’m stuck on the anvil level. I lose the very first fight every time. So basically I wake up collect free chests. Do an event and wait till next free thing comes up. I can’t do anything else

Yeah. I’ve been there. Do you mean you’re stuck on the challenge or the dungeon? If it’s the dungeon, can you crush the first challenge, Sharpstone Keep? If so, start farming that.

What levels are you?

The “farm/loot” idea isn’t in the dungeon mode (explorer) it’s in the challenge mode, where you can defeat the boss several times and earn many useful things, plus we have events many times per weak to guarantee you a good loot. One last observation (my opinion) about the game: I think it’s awesome that they didn’t make dungeons accessible after defeating it and the challenge has a cost for entering it so you can’t do that forever. Why do I like that? The game show you it wasn’t designed to addict you, it was designed to entertain you in you free time, but you should keep having a life outside the digital world. I think this is an amazing message to all players. For this I can tell I’m really admired to the game staff, you showed you are carrying about the human behind each account! And that is something we should all be glad and honoured about. I’m honoured to play a game built by people who really care to the other people. Congratulations WoW staff!

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