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Old player want to try again – what should I focus on, Please help!

Hey Folks,

Haven’t been playing for some months and want to make a funny team to play with.

I really need some advice to build something that could work.

It seems like there been a boost-reseat and I have right now:

Health: 2600
Damage: 2900
Speed: 2800

What should I build?

Thanks :maple_leaf::maple_leaf:

You were gone? :slight_smile:
Welcome back!

Focus on good dinos, I think that’s the best course of action.


Thanks Mate.

Haven’t played for 6 months or so.

What are good dinos for the movement?

Or is it worth to have a funny Low-level team?

How is the meta?

Focus on raiding. More fun.
Get tenonto, tuoramaloch, thor and tryko up to speed, you should be good to go.

rinex and erlidom are really good this update. Rinex got buffed to 128 speed. and erlidom, tho she can be slowed, got a revenge cloak (3x damage, 1 turn cooldown) and 40% crit chance. She also gained distracting impact inplace of strike and run.

Dio and tenonto are also great choices. Dio is a great anti cunning creature with dual shields and resilient attacks. And tenonto is great in a lot of situations, plus it can heal now.

Tryko is still really good. And DC, tho this may be an unpopular opinion, is a great swap in and field fighter.

For raids, Dilorach and Tuora are, imo, the best healers. Irritator (yes the rare one) is an amazing team buffer and can help bring down the needed levels and boosts of the whole team. Max and Thor are useful for raids due to their group targeting abilities and damage output.

What is this? Need to look it up.

Thanks. I will look it up!

Haven’t noticed the humongous creatures on your map?

You mean this?

I will go there in some minutes.
Just installed this game :smiley:

Is there a new uniqe everyday?

Epic, Legendary, Unique, and Apex bosses appear over the weekdays

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Monday to Thursday 2 raid bosses available per day, 4 difficulty levels. You get the good reward on the first kill that day and after that it’s mostly just for fun.
Tomorrow there will be a new one, Apex level. They are the hardest to beat and require proper tactics and planning.
The epics you can generally do with 3 people, but with the others I advice to build up some experience.

First things first, drop stygidaryx or monostegotops. it’s a good bleeder but it lost lots of health. Thylacotator got maiming Wound this update, you might wanna try that. Monostego lost health and it’s crit chance, it’s kind of a meh Dino right now. A good replacement would be grypolyth or Tenontorex. Tenontorex is a monster right now. The best course of action is putting that lvl 30 tryko on your team. Trykosaurus is amazing right now, it’s the 2nd best dino in the game. Put it on your team.

the ones I suggest right now are dioraj, magna, grypo and tenoto. they are all good in this meta.