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(OLD TEAM) Help! Can someone give feedback on my team please?

Please help me with my team

I personally would remove a raptor for tator so you can bleed. Maybe another raptor or concave for anky

Ankylocodon and Suchotator will help immensely in the lower arenas.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much as well!

Swap out the rare raptor for suchotator.
Put erlikosaurus in blue’s slot.
Oh, and a tip, don’t level all your dinos. Coins become so precious in later gameplay… save them while you can :slight_smile:
Trust me. And any other player past level 10… coins make the world go around…


Ok thank you so so much!!

I’d get rid of that trex for ankly

No problem! Most people would say swap einosuchus for something ‘better’.

einosuchus is the best creature on my team!!