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Old time players how are you doing now?

Of the old timers here from the beginning when the game was released how are you doing now with this boost reset??

I got slaughtered when 1.7 dropped because I didn’t keep up with the boost availability and my lvl 30s were getting wiped out from new dinos boosted to the moon and back. When I started grabbing every boost I could I slowly inked my way back up into Gyro arena. It was a fight though and took about 6 months.

Once the announcement came of the reset for 1.10 I began thinking which dinos would be best suited. Pushing that first boost button was soooooooo hard. I didn’t want to spend boosts but knew I had to in order to hold my ground and move forward.

I chose my 8 dinos and stuck to those and boosted accordingly to speed and attack. First couple battles was a readjustment that’s for sure. Once i got the hang of it and focused on strategy rather than brute force it became more natural. I haven’t battled just cause I wanted to but just to fill incubator slots and get my dbi from yesterday and today.

So far with minor battling I’ve gained about 250 trophies. Getting ready to break through the 6000 mark finally.

Of the old timers here that took a beating with 1.7 how are you doing with 1.10 and a chance for a second lifeline???


I haven’t boosted yet. Trying to decide what will be most beneficial with the limited amount i have and what dinos i’ll be unlocking soon. First day, I stayed roughly the same. Today, i’m dropping more than i would like, but i shouldn’t be surprised when my opponents all have boosts.

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Still Unboosted, lost 8 straight games and 200 trophies down.When i got the hang of it i raised 100.But i will have to wait because i didn’t get the correct amount of Speed Boosts,got it back with 1.14 multiplier

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Still making ridiculous puppet videos and loving it lol, as for the game while I don’t have it installed I think the changes will benefit arena balance in the long run!


Did the multiplier apply to only boosts that had been used? or both used and stocked ones?

Both.Accounted everything.They got the Health and Attack right,1.5 multiplier.
But failed in Speed , 1.14 multiplier

as someone who has been playing since the global launch, i’ve been doing great. Then again I don’t really play in the arena, so i’m probably doing terrible in that department. :man_shrugging:

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They didn’t refund as much stat boosts that I had invested in all my Dino’s before they reset them is bull crap

you should go to support and tell them.But you probably will get a fixed reply af how the boosts work in new System.I gave them screenshots and didn’t care.I replied to their answer and now i’m waiting.

They didn’t refund as much stats that I had invested in all my Dino’s before they reset them they gave me 500 for attack speed and health but if you added up the total I had invested in all my dinosaurs I should have got way more back and I’m not a paying player it took work to earn all my boost points from daily battle incubator and some stat battles where you get 25 stats from a map battle incubator

Especially since they made it 100 for each increase in stat so yeah they didn’t give us nearly what we should have got

I wish I did have screenshot of each Dino’s stats before they did this I would have if I knew it was gonna happen I mean there’s nothing we can do but I worked hard to boost my dinos

Battled a couple of times in 1.10 with boosted team, imo battling is more measured now. Even if opp throws a draco bomb, you know likely it won’t affect the battle result too much, if you have a balanced team. Does bring back some semblance of gameplay from last year. Battling in low library and my own draco is benched for now.


Battles are more enjoyable. I’ve made some good head way in the arena right now. Battles are a lot more skilled based now and not who has more teeth/boosts.

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The arena seems much more balanced. Battles are closer and more exciting, and matchmaking seems good too!

I distributed my refunded boosts as evenly as they were before in boosts 1.0. This is what my team looked like before boosts 2.0.

This is what it looks like today. Utarinex got more health thanks to today’s strike tower.

I have a second account that’s level 18. It had a freshly created Indoraptor and Thor sitting on the bench. When 1.10 dropped and I started having difficulty in the arena I replaced Allosino with Thor and Ankylocodon with Indoraptor. I leveld Indoraptor to 22 and gave each stat 1 boost. The rest of that team is the same or non-boosted like Thor.

Adding Indoraptor made a BIG difference, especially with the dodge buff! This is what he did a few minutes ago.

After seeing that I’m considering replacing the Thor on my main account with my level 30 unboosted Indoraptor. My main concern is the lower HP and attack though.

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I’m doing about the same… but now can’t stop battling.
Props to those who could battle all day everyday prior to this patch. It was monotonous and boring to me. Now? You dont know whats going to happen with any battle.
The only downside so far is my alliance will have to pull my weight in exploration until I get tired of PVP again.


Actually, exploring is better right now too. I ran out of darts for the first time in a looooong time. Creatures spawn like candy if you’re going at a moderate pace.


I’m not playing competitive. I’m playing for fun and swapping theme teams each week. I’ve noticed though that since the update dropped that Arena battles feel a lot fairer and are more enjoyable. I am losing more than I am winning right now but that is partly because of playing themes and not wanting to boost anything that isn’t a permanent fixture - presently just Indominus and Indoraptor.


All time high score - nuff said :+1:


Good to know! I had some crazy good proximity spawns/seatbelt checks lately and was wondering if it was a fluke.

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