Old treasure chase is back?

If this is true, thanks Ludia. I just opened 3 chests without them going away


This is great, thank you very much Ludia :slight_smile:

Thank you Ludia very cool

Thank you ludia! @Ned please send kudos to the team for bringing the old coin chase back finally. :muscle:


Very glad to have the old Chase back :partying_face:


They took way too long to do this. Grateful but still salty.


lot of ppl can use this :relaxed:

20% of the maximum coin earning value has come out even at long distances! Even in restricted areas, if you open it every hour, you can collect up to the upper limit!Screenshot_20210111-012315

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Thank you to the Dev team for bringing back this edition of the treasure chase, please make sure this version makes it into future game updates as well.

I’ve opened 25000k worth of boxes but they still appear on the map instead of drops they replaced. Is this normal?

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Yes, unfortunately that’s the way they used to work.

But, soooo glad to have the legit chases back, @Ned!


I love the multiple chests per day, but I wish they’d vanish after you collect them instead of just fading out. I’m down to only one green drop in my range because of this, which makes it harder to collect all my rewards.

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You’ve got 25000 coin from the chests but you would rather only get the 7500 from green drops?

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No, I said I’d like both – I want the multiple chests but I want them to vanish for a while (and then come back once the cooldown is up!) instead of just sitting there, faded out and useless, taking up strike/drop spots on the map.

Although yes, I would rather the drop rewards at this exact moment, considering I’m 20 DNA away from leveling tenrex to 30 and I need those FIP items.


That extra 25k is gonna be a huge boost to my team


So basically you want your cake and eat it !. As someone who has a vague idea of how hard this is to programme you need to choose one or the other. Personally I want the chests. Thank you Ludia for reinstating

I’ve worked as a game developer, so yes, I do know what I’m asking for :wink:

It always amuses me when people here think the only choice is between two bad systems.

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Ludia, I’m grateful but please do this

2 bad systems?..that’s just your opinion…personally I think this is great

You do realize chests used to despawn after opened and respawn on a three hour interval. So they we’re already pretty close to what he’s asking for 2 years ago.

Granted the system would need tweaked a bit… but we’ve already had despawning chests.