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Old, undentified secret creature

Can someone tell me what is it? Is it official photo, or fake? I found it on Jurassic park wiki on fandom, as undentified creature. Do you know other “secret creatures” from game code, glitches, or pics? I am interested in topic. (I know about metriacanthosaurus gen 2, I encountered it about year ago)

that appears to be a JWtG creature to me, don’t know about it being a JWA

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Do you know its name?

No, haven’t played JWtG in forever, but I remember seeing it in YouTubers vids, and its barely in my memory from playing

koolasuchus from jwtg, the hybrid tho or super koolaid as beaver calls it

I searched for it and I know that is koolasaurus. Thanks for info. So someone from wiki lied, or It was planned to add…

Do you know some secret creatures?

Can you send me a link to the image

Ok. Jurassic World: Alive | Jurassic Park wiki | Fandom