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Older Creatures are Just Outdated

I mean, they just are. Creatures like Indoraptor, for example, are in almost a desperate need of a Re-Work. Newer creatures just have better tools to deal with creatures like Revenge Moves, Flocks, Multi-Moves (moves that do a billion different things) and the older creatures just can’t really keep up.

Again, Indoraptor is the perfect example of this. It’s listed as a Cunning Fierce, but really its only change was with Cunning Strike and losing DSR. Its moves are all extremely simple, and just don’t do enough to keep it afloat.

Even Indom got a buff with revenge Cloak and a solid Stat increase to its crit chance, which really elevated it to even above Indoraptor, which should be better just on the principal of it being a unique super hybrid.

So, what I’m suggesting is to give these older creatures better tools to survive in the current meta. Maybe new moves, or just a simple buff to make things work better for them. For instance, I made this rework for Indoraptor:

I kept theme of Revenge Killing from Indom with Revenge Distracting Impact here. Why Indoraptor lost all Revenge Synergy is beyond me, but it would be more of a Pounce without actually giving it the move.

I also decided to give Indoraptor its own sort of “Pseudo-Cloak” if you will in the form of Stalk. Stalk is kind of like a mixture of Sidestep and Prowl, having the dodge, cleanse and Crit Chance aspects. Crit Boosting is turning into a bit of a cunning thing in the form of Devious Strike, whereas generically high Crit Rates are a Fierce Thing, so it fits the theme.

And, on top of that, I give Indoraptor some sorely needed Resistances. This thing is bred from Indominus which has a literal boatload of resistances that would benefit Into. On top of that, Scorpius also has a billion resistances, and it is canoically related to Ripper, after all.

Fierce Strike is there to act as a way for Into to break Shields without giving it back-t-back Rampages with RDI and DSR. Fitting that, APR gets bumped down to an Impact, unfortunately, but it’s necessary since Indo now has a rampage on Turn 1 and the ability to boost its crit.

This would all be at the cost of a slight Stat Drop pretty much across the board. A loss of health is unfortunately, but it had to be done. Attack I’m still not sure about, but Speed definitely had to drop since it can now boost said speed.

What other creatures do you think would fall under an “Outdated” mantle? I honestly think Tarkus sort of fits, given its lack of resistances and just health in general as well.


The STE-GOD that creature used to be so good but now its not even ok

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Thats called power creep my friend. They add these new abilities to keep the game fresh. Notice how complicated the newest moves have been in the last few updates? Remember when superiority strike was considered a complicated ability? So even if new dinos are objectively balanced, it can make older stuff feel obsolete. I’d kind of like them to slow down on how complicated moves are getting though.


There’s the term! Power Creep, got it.

Yeah, I think buffing Older Creatures to slow down Power Creep would be a good idea.

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That’s a bugbear of mine.
The new creatures’ move lists read like a Wikipedia page - not ideal if you come up.against an unfamiliar opponent and need to make a decision in a hurry!

I miss when moves were simple; did one, maybe two things.


It doesn’t help that the move names and even icons are super inconsistent - it doesn’t make understanding these increasingly complicated moves with a limited time to read them.


Buffing older creatures would help them become viable, but it’s leaning into the power creep rather than slowing it down. That’s the “creep” of it - the baseline for what a “balanced” creature is increases slowly or creeps up over time. It’s very difficult to reverse power creep without removing tools from some of the newer creatures though. That’s why I’d like them to kind of set a hard cap now as to how complicated moves are allowed to get before they get any more complex.

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That’s a good point, actually. A cap does sound like the best idea, honestly. Maybe something like Critical Ambush is about as complex as something gets. At least i would hope.



The move symbols have become an eyesore; full of tiny little indicators which don’t make much sense.

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Some of them aren’t even correct. Like Instant Rumbles icon shows distraction, but the move actually applies deceleration!

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@Mudkipz I couldn’t agree more!

The moves are just crazy now and so hard to understand. Like with the flocks for example, they actually do different things according to your health left! As if they weren’t complicated enough without that.

I understand they have to try different things to keep the game fresh and so on but it’s just getting daft now. It used to just be fun to build up and battle with your favourite dinos. Now you need to be able to figure out alert scurry, protective alert etc……


Yep, 100% right.


Indoraptor is easy to make unique, I won’t complain if it not good as an unique.

But there r so many unique hybrid out there that r soooo hard to create and also even have event exclusive rare/ epic DNA, they may buff those unique as good as the trending ones. So ppl can get to choose there own favourite Dino rather than just must needed Dinos to win.

There so many unique in the game but only a handful of unique r usable, I don’t understand what’s the logic behind this.