Oldschool Ratless gameplay video's

I would like to have this thread about some of your OLD footage of battles from back before rat existed to show some of the newer players just how fun it was when strategy mattered and you didnt have to worry “is he gunna rat me?”.

Take note of how many times in the match I was low on health, it would be at THIS point in current Meta that you would be ratted and lose the match.


Another one here from 2018 -
Note: The audio in this video was out of sync due to the old laggy device so maybe watch it without sound!

The first video I ever uploaded to YT.
First time I ever screen recorded, as well.
Look at my young creatures :blush:
December 2018.
Wait… was this before DG2? I can’t remember lol.

Great video and you played really well ^_^.

If that video was filmed today you would have been ratted -_-!

Edit: The players who joined the game after rat was already in have no idea just how fun it was back then.
I just want to have a proper match again and not have in my mind “If I do this, is he going to rat me?” its just stupid.


I don’t really freak out over it. I deal with it when I can, and when I can’t… I just move on.
But, without a doubt, battles were far more fun and engaging before DG2 and the Rat.


wow i forgot how much fin the battles actually used to be. was cool to battle down to the last of your health. so many close games back then. and loads more strategy required. how can a company let things go so poorly for so long now


Which is why I coined the phrase: “The Strategy was replaced with Rattegy”.

Like when im in a match and im sending in this to counter that, and they bring in something else to counter what I put in its fun, its neck and neck 2v2 and then - RATTED!


Even if I was going to lose anyway, just having it swap in is enough to ruin it for me. I would rather be outplayed than out-ratted.

The neck and neck close matches are totally dead, because it doesn’t come down to seeing if you can bring in something quicker that can take a hit and then finish their Dino, because they just rat you and bring the match to an end…

I want proper matches back like in these videos! @Ludia_Developers


Look at this one… so many Rattable scenarios.
The opp threw out a Spino with less than 1500 hp. That does not happen now.

When a relatively new player asks me if there was a time without rats



Nice haha =D

Awesome match!

That match would have been over halfway through if it was happening today, the other player wouldn’t be able to help themselves at the first opportunity to rat ya.




Before the boosts. Yeah. :+1:


A Jedi’s weapon. Not as clumsy or random as an Indoraptor.


Just did some matches to do todays battle incubator…

…total cesspool rage inducing experience, ZERO fun in any of the matches.

Oh Thor with 2500+ damage and 143 speed? nice, good thing my counter to Thor is 140 speed.

How can they keep the game in this state? its making them completely look like they straight up don’t gives any second thought to what this does to their players.

Hey Ludia, look at these 2 things:

Before Patch 1.7 fiasco (your WORST work yet btw)

  1. No boosts
  2. No 143 speed Thors one shotting teams
  3. Fun matches

After patch 1.7

  1. Boosts
  2. 143+ speed Thors with 2600-2800+ damage

Can you spot the difference @Ludia_Developers

Now I want you to listen to what im about to say, and as a fan this comes from the bottom of my heart -
You have DESTROYED the arena and are profiting at the expense of the player bases misery.

STOP IT! At this rate I promise you I will NOT be sticking around much longer.


I hate the boosted Thors as much as anyone, but you should have enough speed boosts to have a counter over 140… More than one actually :thinking:

I have 4 or 5 dinosaurs at 140 speed as I wanted to keep my team balanced, also Indoraptor at 135 but needed to bench due to matchmaking punishing its use.

I have two over 140 and two more over 150… could have three, but now I’m saving speed boosts. And I have one at 138 speed.

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In my case I did buy some of the boosts so imagine a free player or VIP only who had to rely on free boosts, they would no counter for a 143 speed Thor…maybe one or two tops.

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Not a battle video but for those who have not seen it.

Feel free to try it out yourself next time you’re in a music store :slight_smile: