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Oliver Black and Mamoru Ito

So I was talking to Oliver and Mamoru for such a long time and they were my favs but now they are grey. I’m heartbroken and I don’t know how long I will have to wait for them. Do you know if they will come back and when?

When a character goes grey/offline for a while, it means that you’ve completed everything that has been written so far, and they’ll return once the writers have written more of their story. But as for when they’ll return, nobody knows. Some matches have been away for months.

I know but like sum people writed here it can take up to a year

Some characters haven’t been updated since launch (Sept 2020), which was over a year ago, but that’s only because, for the first six months after launch, Ludia barely updated the game. I’m not sure about Oliver, but Mamoru was released early in 2021, so he hasn’t been gone a year

Oliver came back today!

Hopefully Jasmin and Aesha will soon follow

And gone already

O can’t believe olive r is gone already and no date at all hope he returns back again soon

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I know I was so happy and I thought we would have a date but he’s gone again

I hope they will give us at least the date ;((

I was soo excited for the date because I’ve literally been waiting a year for Oliver’s return and he just leaves. I hope he comes back soon