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Oliver is back but


I’m not actually sure if it’s a bug or not but for me it seems very strange. I managed to reach to the point with Stefan, not Oliver, where he went away for a long time and he has been gray for months now. But since I still have VIP (which I am sorry but I’m not going to renew ever again) then today suddenly Oliver appeared in my ‘someone has a crush on you’ bar. And Stefan from the list of gray characters had disappeared.

I thought: “Okay, maybe I’ll go on with the story with Oliver then.” Because I kind of figured it would go on from where I left off.

But it didn’t. It had gone back to the chat that happened after the first date. I couldn’t even go to that date second time. But … the smilies I had used when I talked to Stefan were automatically all there. I couldn’t change them. So it kind of was a new start but at the same time it wasn’t. Very strange in my opinion.

Also when I tried to unmatch Oliver thinking I’ll just give up on him and Stefan altogether, then the page I should be able to do that was glitching and I couldn’t do anything.

Hiya, @PossePosse, it definitely doesn’t sound like the Character Crush feature is working as intended! :sweat_smile:

Our support team would be happy to help you out with this and restore your match with Stefan so please send them an email at Be sure to include your support key in the email, you’d really be helping to speed up the process. :blush: