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Omega 09 and Juggernaut 32 VS Mortem Rex and Ceramagnus (JWA Battles #25)

Welcome… to the 25th episode of JWA battles. Hasn’t it almost been a year now? Whatever… This time, we have a very special 2v2. A battle between both of the first tyrannosaurid bosses of JWTG and JWA… and their ceratopsian counterparts. Omega 09, the electric T-Rex. Mortem Rex, the Death King. Juggernaut 32… the, well, juggernaut. And last but not least, Ceramagnus, the pain causer. Yes, I had to come up with that name.

Go ahead and read the last one if ya haven’t already.

With our new rules, we still determine these creatures’ sizes, but we don’t show their stats until AFTER the battle to give you guesses on victory. Also… ceramagnus would apparently actually weigh 100k tons. So I had to scale it to the in-game model while keeping the actual horn size in order for this to be a fair fight. At the same time, team JWTG will not be immortal, and will actually be able to be K.O’d. With that out the way… let’s introduce our 25th round of fighters.

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Omega 09
Omega 09 is one powerful foe. It may be smaller than the Indominus Rex (somehow), but don’t let that fool you. Its speed, strength, and electric powers give it a wide variety of attacks possible. It is truly deserving of the title “World Boss.”

Juggernaut 32
Juggernaut 32 is a hyper agressive ceratopsian with… electric powers. It has tons of horns, and is pretty durable in its own right. 100% a creature you don’t want to mess with…

Team JWA

Mortem Rex

The “Death King” lives up to its name, with its roar being able to instil fear into the competition, and a bite force FAR, far above that of a tyrannosaurus. Combine that with being pretty fast and ya got a fierce predator.


Ceramagnus has a horn that is disproportionate to its body size. Outside of that, though, it’s very heavy, ironically fast, and very powerful. Not to mention that bulk, making… an oddly dangerous fluffy parrot thing.

On Main Street of Jurassic World, after evacuating the park, The World bosses are released from containment. Omega and Juggernaut try to fight, but they are hit by a spray making them allies. In the same fashion, the already working-together Mortem and Magnus walk over to them and roar. The fight is on… only one pair of bosses can win.

Realistically, Omega and Mortem charge each other, and Omega immediately tries an electric tail whip, with Mortem barely dodging. This tail whip collides with the ground, cracking it and the electric waves travel towards Mortem, electrocuting him, and allowing Omega to grab and throw him. Mortem gets back up, roaring, and hurting Omega’s ears.

Juggernaut and Magnus lock horns, however, Magnus quickly realizes that’s a suicide battle, and uses his enlarged horn to smack Juggernaut to the ground. Magnus quickly charges towards Juggernaut in an attempt to end the battle early, but Juggernaut stomps on the ground, electrifying it and forcing Magnus to stop in his tracks. Magnus just stares aggressively as Juggernaut gets back up.

Omega and Mortem are seen headbutting, tail whipping, and matching each others’ bites. They seem to be equally matched so far. Mortem then casually trips Omega, which makes him fall. Mortem then stomps on Omega’s back and roars, again, hurting Omega’s ears.

However, Juggernaut is knocked into Mortem, pushing him away. Omega struggles, but does get back up and roars back. Mortem looks, with Magnus appearing by his side. The 4 go for one last clash, cueing the cartoon-fight montage.

Mortem bites Juggernaut, Magnus rams Omega, Juggernaut actually IMPALES Mortem, and Omega bites down VERY hard on Cera’s neck. The Apexes are clearly worn out, but don’t give up so easily.

Mortem charges towards Omega, and bites, with Omega biting back. However, Mortem reveals his true strength and bites down hard enough to fully K.O Omega, while laying himself due to blood loss.

Magnus decides to give Juggernaut a taste of his own medicine, and, while Juggernaut is standing and roaring, Magnus impales Juggernaut, causing Juggernaut to send a wave of electricity on him, only making Magnus penetrate even further. After 10 seconds, Magnus lets go, and Juggernaut falls down. He then falls himself from being overworked.

With all that, the park picked up all 4 bosses, restored them to health, and returned them to their lands.

Without a doubt, the CLOSEST battle EVER on this series, ever. Closer than the Nodopatosaurus Superhybrid Free For All (lol). However, the apexes had key advantages here. While they lacked electric powers, that would hardly matter due to their greater and much more effective weapons. Mortem’s bite was actually deadlier than Omega’s, likely being above the megalodon’s with Omega’s probably barely being above tyrannosaurus’, and enough to overwhelm him or Juggernaut if given the chance, which would come quite easily in the case of Omega. Magnus’ SIXTEEN foot long horn (yes, a horn taller than a giraffe and 15,000 ton beast shouldn’t even be able to support) was greater than Juggernaut’s thousands of horns. Remember, quality over quantity. In my honest opinion though, the way this battle goes is up to you, and can truly go either way. In my opinion, however, the apexes, thanks to their superior weapons, take this victory, making the winners Mortem Rex and Ceramagnus!


Thanks for reading this series, it’s always fun to work on, even if I put it off for a VERY long time like I do a LOT. Regardless, thanks for always viewing this series that not many seem to care about (lol).

If you disagree, feel free to debunk in the replies, and stay tuned for the next fighters to be revealed.

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