Omega 09 levelling

What do you think is the best level to upgrade Omega up to? I currently have it at 31 but I’m not sure if I should use my B-DNA to get up to 40 or if I should save up for Juggernaut.
What do you guys think?

I would save for juggernaut, as you cant acess the Pteranodon boss or the salamander missions without it. Nice pfp btw, as u can see, I also like indoraptors.

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Good point, I think I’ll do that.
And yes, indoraptor is my favourite dino :grin:

I made the mistake of using the juggernaut missions to lvl my omega up, and now I have it at lvl 40. If I were you, I’d unlock all of the other bosses, then lvl them up.

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