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Omega09 mission

best support,
i think i have problem with omega09 mission. the mission 10-pet (1) creature. i have done dinos (pets) so many times. but my mission doesn’t work. where does it go wrong.

Crop out the support key from your screenshot…

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Pet 10 different dinos

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i have tried so many times

Yes it worked. Thanks

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Best to do is you to remove all of it while the issue was resolved, because it is still seeable when someone view the ignored content. (Support Key’in üzerinden hesabına ulaşıp değişiklik talebinde bulunabilir ya da toptan ele geçirebilirler Cesur. Aman diyeyim.) @M_F_Cesur_Ozbagci

Sorry i dont know Turkish

Cok emegim var . Ne yapmam lazim simdi

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How can i delete this topic?

The screenshot are now delete. Thanks cagkan

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Translated from Turkish

I have a lot of work. What do I have to do now

Unfortunately, our forums are currently only in English, we have gone ahead and translated your post using Google Translate. Please remember to include an English translation in the future.

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I was just helping him for a quick counter act since we are both Turkish. It was a serious but a simple to make fault that can easily cost someone bad outcomes so… @Therizino2.0 No problem mate, rica ederim (you’re welcome in Turkish for the asking :innocent:). Also did not send him a private message due to his possible lack of knowledge about using the features that the forum serves. Tried to make him alerted quickly, in short. :slight_smile: @M_F_Cesur_Ozbagci You can send me private messages about the whole stuff you wanna ask about. Careful next time. :wink:

Ok it was like we couldnt understand… it is like if i spoke italian with anyone there?