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OMG. A forum!

I haven’t seen a forum for a game in ages. This is great. Also, very difficult to find. Unless I’m missing something, all the social media links are buried behind a “mail” link. Wait. That’s how I found this, by exchanging mail with support.

This is a big enhancement to the game for me. I realize my refusal to download Facebook is a personal problem (?), but forums are definitely the place for players to discuss games and I don’t know why this should be so hard to find.

Given the negative reviews I saw in the Apple App Store after I downloaded the game, I don’t know that I would have. I simply tried it out because it was listed as the “game of the day.” (Good move). The game grabbed me, but hasn’t for many. Perhaps if they had been aware of this and the many other supporting social media platforms, they might have been too.

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Welcome to the forum.

only a few use the official forums and its mostly the most outspoken and hardcore players as we know the devs look at and sometimes respond to things. Average people use the facebook group and discord it seems or guild chat groups on facebook/discord.

Thank you, Keith. Yes, Discord, Facebook, that’s the way of the future today. For me, playing before there were such things, I still haven’t found a better place to have an intelligent conversation.

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Small tip, you can take advantage of all the daily social links by checking our twitter page As far as I know you don’t need a twitter account to collect if you want.

You should be able to find a link to the forum in-game by simply clicking on your in-game mailbox. At the top You should find links to all our official social pages.

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