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Omg allo gen2

It spawn near my home


Would be better if it wasn’t featured in an event :wink:


Imma use Wooly Rhino to counter Allo g2 in next epic tourneys

I finally unlocked him!


Woolly rhino loses to allo gen 2. The only nonhybrid counters to allo gen 2 are marsupial lion, secodonto, and smilodon (if it gets dodges)

Wooly Rhino could beat Allo g2 if the SISS landed

Then he would use resilient impact and his basic move

It’d deal 5250 dmg and it’s enough to beat Allo g2

I thought you were talking 1v1. Yes, then woolly wins.

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I heard Allo Gen 2 is getting buffed. :smiley:

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Allo gen 2: yes yes yes!

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Why image is like pain image because it 999/1000

I am on the fence with Allosaurus Gen 2 and Alloraptor.

They both look so awesome! I’m waiting for a unique! I’m just scared it will ruin the awesome looking trend that they both have so far.

So if the unique comes out and is one of those stupid Cenozoic things I won’t use it or level it. I’ll unlock it for the dex. Then the battle is on, which do I level? The Allosaurus Gen 2 or the Alloraptor?


Nice joystick.

If you’re referring to me I don’t cheat. I’ve darted Allosaurus in every event it’s been in. I also found a good handful when it was opening weekend for it and the pursuit. On top of that, I used all my sanc items on it from day 1 in level 20 sancs until I was able to get that Alloraptor to 20 and enough for the hybrid.

Free to play and I grind daily. No cheating here. That takes the fun out of any game.

No not you, the OP has something in his screenshot.

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Uhmm a chat bubble from facebook messenger?