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OMG check this out! Thank you Ludia :)


I can’t believe this!! Wahooo ! I am so lucky! I got the Dino from the arena !


Lucky you. Never on my side. In some tournaments I don’t even get one of the cheapest card packs.


Well you know that how is so hard to get a powerful legendary Dino i never had such a great luck


What arena?I don’t see arenas in the game


@airwolf, it’s the current tournament in play.


What do you mean by tournament. You referring to battles?


@Carnage_Akemi lucky you… I have max got a aquatic pack or legendary pack but never got the the main tournament card pack from the spin…



It is in the battles menu. Top where events are listed:

The “Shake the Earth” event is one of the tournaments.

Each victory gives you a chance to win the top card pack. Finishing in the top tiers grants you the card pack too.


hmm, i dont see anything in the battles menu…just the big green BATTLE icon


my screen looks nothing like that


this is my screen, dont have no event option


@airwolf wrong forum you are playing Jurassic world Alive… this forum is for Jurassic world the game. Two different games


omg.duhh me super duhh me lol


wow, congratulation!. i dont know when can i have this… i am inate bad at game, and kind of it =(


This is a post on Jurassic World The Game. Your in Jurassic World Alive buddy.