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OMG - Gorgosuchus .. level 16 took out my full hp tank


Really level 16 Gorgo just did 4K+ damage and took out my tank level 23 Stegodeus.

Really weird :frowning:

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Yeah it’s probably been buffed from a ferocious strike then got a critical on defence shattering rampage.


Critical hit.

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That’s not really that surprising to hear. Especially since Gorgosuchus has a pretty good chance to crit naturally as it is. Though I’m curious, if you were playing a Stegodeus, I’m guessing it wasn’t a one shot…why didn’t you Superiority Strike or use Thagomizer? Slowing down Gorgosuchus is its bane and makes it as much of a glass cannon as Velociraptor is.


I’m guessing the other persons gorgo used ferocious to kill his previous Dino and was buffed already then one shot stegodeous when it was brought out.


I’ve had the Gorgosuchus one hit two of my full health dinos one right after the other and one of them was a tank. Depending on your team the Gorgosuchus can be extremely overpowered and frustrating to battle against.


Unless the Stegodeus was already hurt, even a crit using DSR buffed by Furious Strike shouldn’t have done enough to kill a full health lvl 23 Stegodeus…


True. Everyone uses Gorgo to take down a damaged enemy dino with Ferocious strike.

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Yes, it can do that, which is why I put mine back on my team (it’s level 21 though).


Actually now you mention it, a level 16 doing over 4K damage doesn’t seem right

835 is base
Buffed by ferocious it’s 1252.5
Rampage would make it 2505
And a critical would mean it would be a maximum of 3757.5 :woman_shrugging:t2:

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So the only thing I can think of is either it had already lost health points or they swapped it in giving it two free hits.


Your math matches mine =D

Though if OP is saying that they lost 4k to the Gorgosuchus, I’m guessing either you’re right and was swapped in, or poorly played and didn’t slow the Gorgosuchus when they had the chance.


Having a slow day?? :slight_smile:


Why are you being so mean to me today? :tired_face:


In fairness, how that different than any other day for him? lol

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you gotta time it out with Gorgosuchus. When it does it’s ferocious strike, you know defense shattering rampage is coming next. So don’t switch into a tank or else it will take a lot of damage. Better to let something with less HP die. This will preserve your teams overall HP pool.

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I love having gorgosuchus on my side


The exact reason my gorgo is level 26.

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As players are chasing legendary & uniques, there are a few epics that performs just as well albeit having lower rarity tier. Gorgo is just fantastic, it’s build up bite can rip the head off Utasinoraptor pyrritors even after distracting strike

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