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OMG - Gorgosuchus .. level 16 took out my full hp tank

Ahhh Gorgosuchus. A love / hate relationship. Am I right? Love when I got him, hate when the opponent does.

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I love hearing the death cry of a one-shot shiny new tank :smiling_imp:


Exactly. Im still working on mine…i need 40 dna to unlock my Utahcinoraptor…csnt find any Cinoraptors though, so ot may take awhile

My lvl 19 Gorgosuchus have crit little over 4300 (not sure about exact number at the moment).
However it’s possible that almost dead dino was replaced with Stegodeus before Gorgo hit Ferocious strike.

Really, it depends on how accurate the OP’s wording is, and how events actually played out. If they did swap in Stegodeus for the Ferocious Strike, then yeah, two hits and out. If it was a fresh match though, and OP didn’t slow down the Gorgosuchus with either available move, then they played that very poorly.

We are talking about a level 16.

Only way out is bring in Indominus and cross your fingers with cloak.

Or one of the heaps of nullifying dinos that exist. :joy:

I still don’t have Gorgosuchus! The little git is still on 119/150.

Kaprosuchus seems to be as dead as a Dodo in my town!

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lol, Don’t hate on the level 16 pupper, it’ll grow into a full blown doggo pretty soon!

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pushed! Know. Some of the attacks just don’t make sense. And they aren’t consistent!

Try hunting him at night near your city’s hospital, if feasible…

Added L16 gorgo back to my team, crit hit was just a bit under 3.8K (after initial ferocious to enabl max multiplier on big hit) so peoples maths were in the right area