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OMG! It feels good


So after MONTHS of being in Sorna Marshes this just happened while I was getting my kill 10 incubator with my 717 Stiggy Gen 2 DNA… every single time…
It’s heavenly seeing a different background !!! I know I’ll bump back down but for now… it’s so purdy!!!


cherish it, kerri, cherish it!


I got to arena 8 last weekend and I thought the same as you that I’d get bumped down again in a match or two but somehow I’ve hung in there so who knows, maybe you’ll stay as well!


Grats! I’ve been at 3700’s for months, glad to see someone make it out alive.


I ve had 3975 and dropped to 3600 :slightly_smiling_face:


I feel like a yo yo in and out the ruins every other day… But yes its great when you get to the ruins :grin:


Congrats !
Could you post your team ? It could help some to see what a fresh 4k team looks like :grinning:


Congrats! I myself have been stuck in sorna marshes for around a months and a half now!
Highest I’ve been is 3853. :frowning:


Yup I bounced between 3500-3700 for eons

There is hope


I did this for so long too


Hang in there guys. It does happen. It may take months but there is a light. Keep on grinding. Who would have thought a change in scenery would be so welcome !! lolololol


Thanks. Hope it will help some :slightly_smiling_face:

See you in Lockwood !


Jesus your lineup is crazy lol and you still have trouble getting past the Marshes!? I’m stuck in lockdown :sob:


Some matches I feel overpowered, other times I can’t win to save my life. It depends a lot on what 4 they give me. Last night I kept getting my shield/dodge dino’s and matching against nullifyers…. it sucked… Funny enough, I was stuck in Badlands for ages, then flipped between the two, then flew through Lockdown never to go back. It was weird. For me the Sorna Marshes is like that swap of sadness in Never Ending Story… It just keeps sucking you back in… and making you sad… lolol

Have a good day xx


Congrats. I lost 18times in a row when I was between 3,971 and 3,999 but finally made it on try #19. Then I won 3 more in a row :joy:


Wow good job !!!