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It’s so triggering! I can’t look at it without itching all over
Scratching intensifies

But no seriously. This happened in my attempt for the Postimetrodon Strike. I had to start the game over. And what do you know? The game took that as a loss!



I don’t ask much for compensation, but come on. I have to pull out 200 HC for a strike that I shouldn’t have lost in the first place?


you are usually able to get your HC back if you try again. i used the in game chat function. got my HC back from having to redo an epic tower when the AI glitched and wouldn’t choose a move.

What do you mean by use the in game chat function? You went on the chat and the game sent the money back? Before or after?

Tap your player level, then go under settings, help and support, and in the upper right corner there’s a message bubble. tap that and you can send a message to support from in the game. it’ll still take time for them to reply and you’ll get a mail notification when they do. i don’t think you can upload pics, so a regular support email may be your best bet here so you can show them the problem.

Ooooh. Okay, I’ll try that.

My eyes hurt

Right?! I literally can’t deal with it ;-;

Wow. I’ve never seen that before. That’s an interesting issue.

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It’s happened to me three times as of now. The first two times were when I was trying to do a Raid. First thing that happened, the screen was covered like this. It messed us up. I can’t keep going through that.

You expect ludia to fix a glitch /bug that effects us? Rofl!!! :rofl: