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OMG! Slithery Snek!

Yes! After weeks of scents, FIPs, generous amounts of Spino DNA from my alliance every so often, and wonderful fuses, I finally got my desired green snek hybrid! She’s so beautiful!

Now the challenge is to gather enough Titanoboa and Spinosaurus DNA to get her to team level.


Hey, nice to see other snake users out there :ok_hand:
Hope it does well on your team

Thanks! Of course, getting her to team level is half the battle. Also gotta get all them booooosts. And if I can recall you saying it, then health boosts are gonna be a huge pain in the tail ;_;

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Yeah, it definitely needs health badly. That’s what really makes it hold up in battle. Hope you get enough :sweat_smile:

Love to see how this snake suffers against my daryx

I actually fought a Daryx with my Spinocon today. I forgot it being immune to DoT, but since they had swapped it in, it couldn’t get away before I knocked it out with Precise Rampage

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Knowing how to use it is really useful against her. Of course, I dont user Daryx full 1v1 bc of that precise rampage.

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Yeah, that Superiority Strike being it’s only damaging move has to get you thinking on your feet about the best way to use it.

My strategy would be to try and coax a Cleansing Swoop with Pinning Strike. Then hit her with the Precise Rampage… But then again, that might just make Daryx throw out a Lethal Swoop instead.

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I actually think that it could mesh well with Daryx - a Swoop out of a situation and right into a Constrictor… But again, that would require major health ;_;

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They would be a mean DoT pair if played right.

Got mine yesterday, just need this immune meta to go away and I can use it.

Ima use it regardless, might pair well with tryko of a dsr or monosteg

But just for laughs: IM A SNAAAAAAAAKE