Omg What Is That?!


I have never seen this before. What is it? I’d go nab it but I am stuck in bed with the flu…


Omg that is a Gryposuchus!! It is an Apex dino


Its dinosaur called Gryposuchus! Joking, its kinda new and came last patch :slight_smile: moveset is not that good at all.


I’ve never heard of this prehistoric creature nor did I know it was in the game. I’m pretty upset the second ever epic to spawn in my neighborhood chose to while I am bedridden. GG!! Hope I see it again.


Spot on . It’s moveset and stats are rubbish .


Nightmare fuel. (20 chars)


I have one at level 11 and it looks cool when it attacks in battle because it chomps then jerks it snout side to side like it is ripping something to shreds. Unfortunately at level 11 the attack damage is only 481.



Still haven’t seen one of these anywhere. Hoping they appear on the daily event just so i can get one as it’s just this and Brachiosaurus I need to complete the non-hybrids.


I hope you feel better and are up and darting soon! I just got over a summer cold myself!

Btw you didn’t miss much! The Grypo might be ok with a little of Dr. Wu magic as a hybrid


I got mine in a 24 hour incubator


Neato looking, for sure. The only one of these I’ve seen so far disappeared as i got to 51 meters. :frowning:


What is it? Probably a dinosaur… Why are you asking that exact question?


If you read the topic you’d have the answer to that question. Be nice to the fella.


Not a dinosaur actually. It’s a crocodilian.


Didn’t Elton John do a song about it “The Crocodilians Rock” :sunglasses::sunglasses::joy:


That’s very rude of you to say so.


How is the truth rude? It is a crocodilian and not a dinosaur. (Edit. Nvm. You weren’t replying to me. Forgot I changed my pic)


She was replying to the other person


What are you on about I was replying to phoenixunity … do you just follow me around looking for an argument


Don’t flatter yourself, my making a mistake is not about you.