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On a Limb ;-;

Okay, so I’m seeing these advice threads, and I’d resisted for the longest time… but I’m really on a limb here. I like going my own way when it comes to building teams; and I’m not trying to burn my way to the top of the leaderboard… I just want to feel as if I’m advancing in some way, you know? This is my team as of now. You can see the other Uniques that I’ve unlocked below.

Advice on what it is as of now? The only one I’ll politely ask to leave alone is Touramoloch - I’m dedicated to her. While she is best in the Raids, she is also rather decent in PvP. You know how boosts be.

Though, while I’d very much like your opinion, I fear that it won’t matter? I struggle to gather the ingredients to whatever I have on the table, so what I see is what I hoard.


I personally would invest in Indoraptor Gen 2, Thoradolosaur and Quetzorion and drop Ardentismaxima, Smilonemys and Sacorixis. That’s not actually what I would do or you’d have my exact Strike Team, but if I were you I guess that would be better for you.

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It looks like you need cunning and fierce so I suggest any indos, thor or allo, and maybe quetz if you can invest in one or more options but otherwise go with indos

Grypo is a beast in 2.1. I’d personally bench nemys, and swap in grypo. Any health boosts you have would make it that much better.

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I’m sorry but is this a joke? Indo & Thor are very very weak quetz is awesome probably one of the top 5 now but Indo & Thor??? Ardent got nerfed but even it is a lot better than those 2 and monster sarco can be pretty fierce. I would suggest you to ignore Thor and both indos instead if you are able work towards making a big quetz and replace stygi with it. Gemini is also a very nice option to replace stygi.


There’s a lack of cunning and fierce maybe dino could invest in alloraptor but looking at it rn the indos and thor don’t seem horrible. Of course you shouldn’t stay with them but he’s hanging on a limb, tryko seems to be the only fierce creature(not counting tenoto since it’s wild card)

Magna and ardent can also both break armour/shield so they could be considered fierce if he’s in dire need of cunning rinex is quite good but quetz is simply fantastic I’ve wiped teams with it even at a low level and even though it’s a speedster it’s one of the rare few that doesn’t require speed boosts to be good. Thor is ok as he kills tryko and can usually take a chunk out of things but I would definitely not put him above some of the others I mentioned and Indo raptor is just plain weak. That level 25 erlidom is definitely worth considering also. Allor is good but phoru one shots it and it’s situational it can kill stuff like tryko and gem but needs good health direly.

Yeah don’t invest in the indors or Thor… unless their is a specific raid encounter you have in mind.

My indo is three levels higher then any Dino currently on my team and enjoys his role as king of the bench.

Grypo and zorion are solid picks… I’m currently using rinex and he can also be very good.

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I am in the minority, but I am different than the rest of you here. You all play the meta. I play what I want to invest in long-term. Basically look at it this way. There are some dinosaurs that will always be great no matter what. I don’t want to play what everyone else is playing simply because that’s what’s perceived as best. And I blame gaming companies for making it that way. Guns are guns. There are a wide variety and many people will buy many different types of guns. Then within those types there may be talks of what’s the best, but the point is everyone isn’t all out buying three of the same guns.

I just want to point out something that everyone isn’t going to say because as per usual this person like all people will get the normal answer of just follow the meta, but that’s boring. Someone was even saying just make a Strike Team with meta counters. Look, if the game tells me how to play based on an update I don’t want to play, but I’m not forced to play the meta to do well. This is a misconception. Long-term investment is better to me. Because you have some dinosaurs that will be nerfed for good like Dracoceratops, but then you have others that will go through a rollercoaster of peaks and valleys, but Indoraptor is safe for the long-term. Screw what’s happening now and even now it’s not horrible like some say. It helps me with certain annoyances. I do well enough doing things my way. And if it’s on a movie poster (for the most part) it’s safe. Even in the case of Tyrannosaurus Rex it’s still safe because it’s got a great Hybrid.

I almost said nothing because I knew I’d get backlash, but that’s exactly why I posted. There’s already enough of this as it is and mob mentality isn’t fun and there’s a few real life examples of that at the moment. I just prefer to not be caught off guard every update. Playing for an update is just not fun for me. Neither is boosting everything for Raids as well as Arena. It’s another money grab. I’ll be happier knowing I have my select 8 dinosaurs I grind for with about 3-4 benched and once I max them all in level and in boosts I’m done unless anything else comes out I like better.

That’s just me. You don’t have to do that, but what’s the fun in a game where everyone plays the same? I have recently stopped playing Magic The Gathering as much because I can’t stand how much netdeckers there are. Creativity to me is more fun. To see what you yourself can do with your cards based on your likes. I am more impressed by seeing someone create something new than running against the 8th meta deck in a row. It is no different than if an artist walked into an art class and saw all the kids painting with only orange and blue. Well what about the other colors? Why are you limiting yourself to only painting one way?

Will I keep the same 8 or have I? No. But I don’t change based on the update. I do what I like and I invest long-term. It saves resources and it saves me a lot of trouble while keeping me decent and still able to compete. A person who is thinking long-term can save themselves a lot of money potentially if they spend, trouble and resources because investing in a well rounded Strike Team for not only Arena like some people, but also Raids as well as Campaign is smart. And you never know where expansions may take any of these features.

Get Max out of there. Replace it with Gemini or Dio, get Toura and Stiggy out of there too. Stiggy can be replaced by Vexus or Thyla, and Toura can be replaced by Orion if you need a good speedster. Nemys can get replaced by Lania. Mine at destroys similar level Nemys’ with no boosts for itself. Tenonto is good, so is Tryko, Rixis, and Magna.

The reason I would definitely keep Stygidaryx is you should always have something you can swap to without it losing health. What’s the point of attempting to use all four dinosaurs when things get hard if you’re just going to swap in one for it to lose a good chunk of its health? You’d be better off just conceding if there was a button for it. Out of your 8 dinosaurs at least two should either have some sort of swap-in defense or swap-in move for versatility and flexibility in mobility.

Ummm yeah.
He’s looking for meta.

I’d replace Smilo with either Grypo or Orion.
Whichever is easiest for you to build.


He’s not. He said he’s not trying to burn his way to the top of the leaderboards and honestly diversity is key over everything anyway. Even if he took your advice or my advice he still needs to more importantly have swap-based dinosaurs to make the transitioning between dinosaurs easier. That’s honestly the best advice for surviving more. People lose more when they swap and sacrifice life, especially if you take critical chance into account and it’s a complete waste. I can’t believe people have such a narrow thought process on Arena as if there are only a few answers when that’s simply untrue yet on Raids people are always looking for more ways to win and ways for lower levels to win. There is really a better pay off in investing in dinosaurs that are rollercoaster value dinosaurs than a dinosaur that may never recover from a nerf.

Replace nemys with quetz. Use timed or geminitiatnas well.

It’s not rocket science man.
It’s rock scissors paper.


I’d just build up Gem, it’s a beast now. Daryx will be helpful against Gem, Dio, Tryko, etc. so I’d keep it.

As for why to drop, I’d say nemys, it’s under leveled and underpowered, so it doesn’t have much going for it

I would also say drop neymes, switch it with Orion it’s much better for the level.

Everything else seems good though.

Actually add in thylacolator instead of Orion, they help a lot against most high tier creatures and are easy(ish) to fuse

You mean like Thor and Indo g2 haven’t recovered from their 2.0 nerf. And your not unique running indo g2 and Thor… their literally all over the place. The problem for them isn’t their not being used… it’s that they do so poorly it’s just not worth it. Particularly indo g2 . But even ignoring all that they are also under leveled.

And adding zorion to your team is the most meta thing you can do at the moment.


Why do people always have to be so negative? The point is I don’t follow a constant chase of desire to get what is perceived as best each update. That’s not a fun way to play. A game is meant to be fun and there is no point in playing just to be told to narrow yourself in such an open game. Again, I’ve never seen that in other games. There are so many games where the community gets it right and does what they want.