On character customization, clothing and gifts

I think that the customization options and clothing should be more affordable. When the costs of gems in chat, photos, and date choices add up, it’s costly! Character customization options should be less of an expense imo. Especially with clothing! (╥﹏╥)

I just want that green evening gown dangit, and it’s stuck behind a paywall for VIP!! :weary: I mean, I get the incentive… but there should be a double currency situation that is available for VIP and then have the regular gem equivalent. So anyone can get exclusive customizations, and just spend a lil more gems… or…there should be a sale or discount for each season for exclusive character customization options. So it would be fair for every player.

On the note of clothing, the “gifts” that the matches “give” us? But we really have to use gems to access?? Yeah, it’s super annoying (ಠ_ಠ) Isn’t the point of a gift for something to be freely given?? Why are we spending gems on gifts??

Aaand on the topic of gifts- (I’m so sorry, bare with me yall :sweat_smile:) There should be some form of compensation for those who played Lovelink before the update with gifts. I’m not sure if this was mentioned before on here… and if it was, please disregard this! ^^;

Anywho, some in-game choices can earn a free gift. Many older players who are deep into the storyline of their matches were left out with the update of specific gifts- even when they made the “right” choices to earn said gifts. Not to sound annoying or anything, but I think it should be addressed! Especially with all the glitches that was going on some time ago. Let everyone who plays Lovelink consistently be rewarded with free gifts, and even seasonal exclusive customizations!

For instance:

  • Bunny ears for Easter, or Easter egg jewelry
  • More tattoos and body art
  • Ugly sweater and other seasonal clothing for the Winter holidays
  • Baywatch themed summer clothing
  • the necklace that Nori gifted us QwQ

  • For Halloween, a Jack O Lantern sweater, or a Bunny Rabbit lingerie set :smirk:
  • A lovelink hat for the game’s anniversary

All in all I just want equity for my fellow players! :pleading_face: What’s it gonna take for us to have an easier time with gems, gifts, and customizations? Also, Ludia, please hire me for your creative team lol, I’m throwing some fire ideas rn :face_holding_back_tears: :palms_up_together:t5:

My name is Daisies (or Diamond if your feeling spunky​:gem::sunglasses:), and this was my Tedtalk! (o´▽`o)ノ

We want free gifts and we want them now! Less expensive customization, please? Also more options/ rewards for consistently playing? :innocent:


OMG don’t give them ideas on how to gouge us further :sob:

For real tho, completely with you on the gift thing. It’s not a gift if I’ve gotta buy it


Haha, you’re right! :joy: No more ideas on gem gouging from me lol
I really hope they can fix the gift system to be fair for the users tho.

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We get15-40 gems when almost everything costs 200+. They definitely don’t care about fair, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on a gift fix

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Honestly, I don’t think clothes should cost anything. We’re already dropping major gems for selfies, convos, date choices and they wanna add more to the list with clothes? :sob::sob::sob: at the very least make them A LOT cheaper like you said. Nothing like going on a theater date in shorts and a tank top :roll_eyes::grimacing::roll_eyes:

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You know what, you’re right- clothes really should be free! I mean, after all that we’re spending too! While making them cheaper would be nice, spending gems is still spending gems.

and not the jeans and tank top dates! :sob: :sob: Especially if it’s some type of fancy date and the match is like, “omg you looks so beautiful! :heart_eyes: