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On critical hits...... you need to at that

in 200 battle that i did i was hit with 783 critical …
On that 200 battle I only got 73 critical they kept doing that it is crazy… ludia where is the. 50% not even close
I think that ludia can find people to battle me they have to use critical hits over and over …what a unfair way too
Try to make me lose and to slow me down on my progress… shame on you ludia to do that…

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Hmm, can you read what you wrote? Honest question.


English may not be their first language.
looks like 73/200 battles (attacks?) resulted in a crit while thier opponents critted like crazy. And they only fight those people and blame Ludia for rigging it.


I think the crit chances are not spread out over a range of battles, but restricted to each attack. So even if the crit chance is only 5%, if you are really lucky, you can get multiple crit hits in a match, or same battle. It’s all just down to rng really.

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If I was not sure that ludia devs are generally overwhelmed with this game, I’d tend to say rng is rigged. It seems so absurd sometimes.