On discount 10k pack opening results

Hey guys, no regrets what so ever, still could it be better? Yes. Would like to have some amphibians but ok. On the bucks side, the last one was a disappointment. 3 more hours to go for the ones hesitating. Anyways, here they are: Judge for yourself.


So u got 3 non carnivore jurassic vips from the 10k opening? 2 pterodactyls damn dude lucky as hell…


I opened 15 and burnt through all my LPs. I got mainly coins which was very upsetting but happy with the results as everything I got (except one) was actually needed to get a whole bunch of VIPs to either 30 or 20. Can’t really ask for much more than that. No regrets

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So lately seen sorry, yes I could consider myself lucky, cause I have got so many jurassic and some caverns which I needed the most on the aquatic side. Amphibians were kinda dissapointment though, I really wanted them. Maybe next time. :wink:

And also yes, Pterodactyl is a pure BEAST! 900 attack on lvl 20 with decent health around 1.5k, insanely well. Helped me a lot in the tourneys whole week, as a back up to my carnivore meet shields up front. With coming up just in 5 hours or so, def I need them more to have much more 20 lvls. So useful.

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Carnis were still over picked IMO. Needing more herbs and def more amphis in my line up.

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