On Entry moves

So we have moves which punish creatures escaping, so why not have moves which only effect the creature swapping in.

For example On Entry Distraction, it would help a lot of cunnings which are prone to being swapped on whilst lowering or completely negating swap in damage, I feel like this would add some much needed depth to the gameplay.


I feel like it should be called Upon Entree instead of on entree. Also, don’t you mean something like Swap in Stun or Swap in Slow?

I mean basically on entry fierce strike or on entry stun etc


A counter swap-in effect would be nice. Your opponent swaps in a new dinosaur, and that creature gets stunned or distracted instead. Would be a nice counter to the swap meta.


I like it. Both on field and as something you could swap to (if faster) if you expect your opponent to swap.

They would have priority over swap in moves.

Yup, that’s what I envisioned as well. If you thought they were going to swap, you swap in your On Entry dino first, that way when they “enter” they get punished.

I like it as a way to counter swap in moves. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t help any dinos that didn’t have these moves, and currently pretty much any dino that lacks either a swap in or on escape move just isn’t relevant in the meta. Given that swap in and on escape already have a pretty balanced counterplay interaction WITHIN THEMSELVES, we need a way to make “normal” dinos viable in the swap meta more than we need a new anti-swap mechanic.


Well that’s where the new on entry moves come in, any Dino without a swap in or on escape move would get this, for example Dioraja would get On Entry Invincibility.

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As much as I would like for every dino to have either a swap in, on escape, or on entry move, you and I both know that isn’t going to happen. Ludia will give them to a handful of new dinos that are already op compared to something like Dio, and ignore everything else. Plus adding a new ability slot gives the devs the opportunity to make new dinos even MORE complicated, since they could have up to 8 abilities now.

From an implementation standpoint, it would be much easier for Ludia to create On Entry moves and slap them on new and (hopefully) old dinos than it would be for them to try and rework the order of operations engine that we’ve discussed in other threads.

My faith in them doing that without breaking something is much lower than it is if they were to just add On Entry moves.

I don’t think so. This requires adding new moves to individual dinos, and would need to be added to dozens of dinos in order to matter. Changing the way swapping works itself could instantly affect every dino in the game with a single change. Sounds way more efficient to me. Yes they might break something, but every time they create a new dino with an on entry move would also be a chance to do that.

The other thing is that adding on entry moves does nothing to help the dinos that don’t receive these moves. We’ve already seen this with On Escape. Did On Escape moves add more counters for swappers? Yes. Did they allow dinos without on escape moves to overcome swappers and enter the meta? Nope. These new moves become a new aspect of the swap meta, rather than allowing players to actually transition away from this meta. So the meta stays about the same: a dino needs to have a good swap in or anti-swap move (now including On Entry), or else it’s borderline useless. It’s really just more power creep in a different coat of paint.

I’m not saying it’s the right way to go; all I mean is that I can see them going this route before messing with the engine. It’s a lot easier to slap a new coat of paint on it and call it good.

In the long run, yours is a better solution but require tinkering with very crucial elements. This one they just have to slap a new attribute on whatever they deem worthy.

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I think so too. At this point, Ludia would much rather add a new mechanic that allows them to push power creep further than actually address the core problems.