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On Escape Dodge

Add on escape dodge: 100% to dodge one attack lasting two turns

I want to hear opinions on this proposal, so please provide feedback. In short, I think on escape dodge on frail dodge users like the birds could be a buff to help them survive against the swap in stun/strike meta while also granting them an advantage against fierce creatures looking to swap out…all while remaining weak to the omnipresent precise and resilient moves. The two turn duration is so you could swap in on a predicted swap and get a turn of dodge to work with (but I could see one turn of dodge being plenty if two turns feels OP. Keep in mind it’s still one attack though).

@Mudkipz I’m looking forward to your feedback in particular but anyone who wants to chime in please feel free!


I think it looks great! With how many moves remove dodge, we can certainly use more attacks that dodge in the first place. On Escape dodge sounds like a great addition, and would help with the swap meta. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how many turns/attacks it should last, but I’m sure we can figure it out!


I agree that’s the tricky bit. Do we want it to dodge one attack lasting one turn (so it only works against swappers) or are we ok with seeing it work for two turns for one attack (meaning it can be used to punish things that swap out on it)…I’m on the fence about it myself

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Well there’s definitely an argument for dodging two turns under normal circumstances. Dodge users are usually fast, so let’s say they attack before whatever the opponent swaps to does. The first opponent swaps out, activating OED. The opponent swaps in, and you attack them; that’s turn 1 done. Now if the opponent is faster than you, the dodge will still be up and absorb their first attack. If you’re faster, turn 2 will end before they attack, and the dodge won’t have actually done anything unless they used a damaging SIA. So even with two turns, it only helps you if your opponent uses a damaging swap in attack and/or is faster than you (or slowed you on swap in). The other question is whether it should dodge one or two attacks. This is most important for dealing with swap ins, I’m sure you can imagine how it would apply in the previous situation.

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I think it would be cool to add to a lot of cunning creatures so that way there not so easily killed by swappers!

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I like this idea. A bit like on escape evasive strike but this makes it basically a sidestep that happened when the opponent swaps. If this is implemented I think all birds should be resistant to stuns then because with the games logic you would still get stunned since your going first. But this helps stop the current Meta then I’m all for it.


That’s a good point to clarify! It actually wouldn’t stun for the next turn: on escape abilities trigger as the leaving creature departs and don’t count as a move. Therefore if you’re stunned you only lose the current turn as normal (Ie if you had a kleniken that chose raking claws and your opponent swaps, on escape dodge would trigger, and the rhino that came in would stun you but only deal 33% of the damage, thus preventing you from using raking claws that turn. Your next turn would play out as normal.)

I love your idea. Here’s another idea to add. On Escape instant distraction where the swap in gets distracted.

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You and I are on the same wavelength and I love it. I see exactly what you’re going for, but I don’t think any current move or ability type works like that. There’s no “on entrance” ability that triggers once a swap in is actually present! It would have to be a new ability that triggers at that step in the swap…so I’m not sure how it would work from a feasibility standpoint.

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I like this idea! Perhaps on escape shield (50%) or invincibility could become a thing for some creatures too?

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Technically on escape dust cloud has invincibility but having that type of ability on other creatures could make things really interesting. However this specific suggestion is about how to help dodgers because they often get overshadowed by swap in moves…and that’s a whole subclass of cunning that just doesn’t see the use they deserve to.

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That wouldn’t work though, but I think you’re on the right track. Since on escape moves trigger as the opponent is leaving, you’re going to distract the fleeing dino, not the one swapping in. You would need a move that triggers upon a swap-in for it to work. (which is what I’m hoping the datamined “alert” moves will do, but they probably won’t)

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maybe instead of on escape distraaction how about
on enterance distraction. so when the oppent swaps into another creature that creture that is swaped in wil get a 100% distraction for 1 turn.


I actually did mean something like that. I just put it in a weird wording.

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oh. ok I love the concept.