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On Escape Evasive Strike bug

Bug Description: Was up 2-0 in a battle, opponent killed my magna. I put in Spinoconstrictor to take out their 3rd dino. Opponent tried to swap, Spinoconstrictor killed their Thor with the On Escape Evasive Strike, yet in came their 4th dino, a Tryko who then counter attacked and killed my Spinoconstrictor. The match then ended, zooming in on my dead SpinoC on the floor and saying I won 3-2. Had it been a closer match in the beginning, I’m sure it would have counted as a tie.

Area is was found in: Gyro

How do you reproduce the bug:
See above description.

How often does it happen:

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Honestly yes but actually no?.. this is really hard to explain or even comprehend

See technically you end the match first by taking out the Thor… but since that glitch with on escape moves still exists then from when the thor dies and onward; it actually doesn’t exist in the game system anyway

Yeah they may need to tweak On Escape moves a bit more. This was due to the manual swap triggering Constrictor’s On Escape ability, killing the Magna. But because a manual swap still swaps to the next creature even if the one being swapped out dies, it brought in the tryko, then the rest of the turn plays out. You did win first, and that’s what it’s counting, but the game had to finish out the turn due to a not dead creature in the ring, causing this kind of glitch.

It’s really complicated with how On Escape abilities actually work with the turn orders.

That’s really weird and complicated. I actually had to read over it a second time before even realizing what the issue was!

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This happened to me with my Constrictor, although mine didn’t die. Still weird though

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This is normal. That’s because of the counter attack. here’s another example of this:
Opponent procerath is on it’s last turn of evasion. I swap in my purrataurus. Procerath goes for a strike and evasion goes down, but then purra does it’s counter attack and hits it with no dodge. The same happened with tryko.

From the way this is written, the match should have been over as soon at their Thor died. Tryko should have never been able to come in. That is the bug, not that Tryko got a counter attack in and Spinoconstrictor’s evasive either didn’t work or was gone.

For example… If I have a nearly dead Erlidom in against a full health Tryko and I use strike & run, the counter from Tryko kills me before my swap/run completes and my next dino does not come in automatically. The Tryko’s normal attack continues against thin air.

The question is why does On Escape Evasive Strike that kills the swapping dino allow the next dino to automatically come in? Would it do the same if it had been a dino using a strike & run move? Is there something in the code that allows the swap to continue if the swapper does so without an attack/run move?

I feel like this here might apply to the situation:

That’s the wrong example to use here. It was specifically stated in the release notes of on escape abilities that the manual swap will still go through even if the creature swapping out dies to the on escape ability. Creatures using run moves are exempt from this, since the move can no longer complete the action, the turn ends.

However, i do agree that the match should have ended at the death of the creature swapping out.

Yeah. Ned’s post just above yours answers that.

I was just giving that as an example of when the match would immediately end, and asking if there was something different about a non-attacking swap. Ned’s post made that clear. So basically, there is no bug, other than an ability vanishing (similar to shields disappearing) when there is a takedown.

On Escapes are as confusing as defining a turn.

It’s interesting that the quote mentions the counter-attack example, because that’s what I was comparing this to - if a nearly dead 3rd dino of my opponent’s tried to do an attack-and-run, and my counter-attacker finishes them off, the match end without their fourth dino swapping in. I was expecting that, upon SpinoC killing the 3rd dino off with the On Escape attack, the same end condition would have triggered and the fourth dino wouldn’t have swapped in.

I can see how the text applies in the middle of the battle BUT it used to be that if a counter attacker killed your hit-and-runner (back when 'and run was introduced) you did NOT get a choice in which dino would come in next, it was chosen (at first randomly and then later the next dino “in line”) without the player choosing. This was problematic because many times the dino coming in was a poor matchup against your opponent and hence the flow was changed; once the runner is dead, there’s now the pause where the user gets to choose their next dino and that’s what I was likening this situation to.

If you try yo switch manually then spino goes for on scape kills Thor, then the chose dinosaur comes in, in this case tryko, spino goes for it’s attack and hit tryko, and finally tryko counter and kills spino, it’s not a bug