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On escape suggestions

You hate those players who when you about to win swaps in a sino and sweeps your whole team?
That is why we need more counters to swappers
Im thinking of a move called ambush where when opponent dino swaps in your dino will attack dealing 2x damage basically on escape rampage innreverse

You can submit your own suggestions too


This is actually a pretty old idea, older than On Escape abilities. Another passive ability idea
Personally I think having more creatures that can set up on snipers would be the best solution.

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Take a look at the epic Boa. It has this passive On Escape Rampage ability.
Too bad it’s only found on the epic Boa and nowhere else.

I don’t know if this is correct but according to the JWA Field Guide only 7 creatures have On Escape abilities. That’s a terribly low amount of creatures.


It’s actually 27 counting all the creatures with No Escape.

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But No Escape doesn’t punish. Many things can lead and still swap out against no escape passive.

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It’s still an On Escape ability, and definitely helps against the creatures that can’t get away.

On escape fury (speed and damage+)
On escape dig in
On escape flap
On escape cloak
On escape RTC
On escape prowl
On escape acceleration (50%)
On escape sidestep

Or I have another idea which is really similar to on escape abilities, but instead of targeting the leaver, you target the one that swaps in, I call it welcoming moves
Welcoming wound
Welcoming vulnerability
Welcoming distraction
Welcoming slow
Welcoming stun
Welcoming strike/impact/rampage
There are many different ways to control swaps, it really depends on whether the game wants to implement them, we can have a million ideas and the game can simply ignore them all if they want to


On escape crit increase


Imo we already have that via counter attackers. I think on escape abilities can capture what you’re after via abilities like on escape dust cloud and ferocity (since you’re likely attacking the turn someone swaps anyway). For example “welcoming bleed” could be accomplished just fine with a bleeding counter like spinocon that has a stronger on escape ability like dustcloud or rampage.

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