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On Escape swap prevention keeps the creature stunned for 2 turns

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Bug Description: On Escape swap prevention keeps the creature stunned for 2 turns

Area is was found in: Gyrosphere

How do you reproduce the bug: In battle with Tryko vs Opponent’s Dilocheirus.
Step 1- Tryko uses instant distract, Dilo uses Stunning rampage
Step 2 - Next turn Tryko is stunned so the only option is to swap him out to avoid him fainting.
Step 3 - When I swapped, opponent swapped to grypolyth, which activated it’s on Escape swap prevention, keeping Tryko in play.
Step 4- For the next turn, Tryko was still stunned for the second turn (since swaps count as a turn)

How often does it happen: Happened once so far.

What type of device are you using: Android Samsung Note 9

wait… swap-in no escape acts to current dino?

can i imagine swap-in dracoceratops damaging dino BEFORE it swaps out, then?

I believe whoever has the fastest dino, gets to swap first.

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yep but until 1.11 both creatures are swapped and the speed rules were to decide who act first, but after both swapped.

Related to this, Sinoceratops vs. Sarcorixis. I was locked in for two turns, and on the third turn, it said that no swapping and I was dealt a third turn. It treated my swap attempt as a turn, even though I should have been able to.

That’s the point of the ability. It locks you down for a turn every time you attempt to swap, no matter how many times that is.

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If the opponent had a Sarcorixis, that means that you cannot swap out until it’s off the field, due to it’s ‘No Escape’ passive.

I suppose your opponent predicted your move? Because if they had used R&R it wouldn’t have worked. I know the AI swaps in Campaign when it’s down to 2 dinos from an initial team of 4, so perhaps this could be tested there.

Even if they did, swapping a dino out counts as a turn, meaning the stun should have worn off by the next turn.

I tested it out in the Campaign, and yes, it does appear to be on the basis of speed now. I had wondered how they would handle that, and it’s interesting that they chose this way. Makes On Escape abilities more versatile too. I made sure to try it against faster and slower opponents, of course.

Also the creature I swapped to was Titanoboa G2, and the funny thing is, since the AI kept swapping, the ferocious buff kept stacking, so it’s usual 1006 damage Precise Rampage did 3149 with a crit!
Man, that was fun.


So the opponent Grypolyth got to hit you without you being able to do anything for 1 turn?
That doesn’t sound right. If that’s the case, it might indeed have been a bug.

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Yup, exactly

Well that’s… Terrifying. Grypo swapping in the very turn you manually hit swap out for Tryko, and it’s blocked? Sheesh, I didn’t realize that could happen

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Super specific indeed, but yeah.

bad mechanics imo.

seems everybody would now have a no escape dino in team and some more immunes.

do we have a “immune to swap prevention” passive ability?

Which part? I’m pretty sure what the OP described is a bug.

If your opponent is Immune, No Escape does nothing. Plus, there’s no Immune creatures with No Escape. That means in order to utilise it, players would have to put non-immunes on their team, which are themselves vulnerable to being swap-prevented, ironically. So yeah, I guess.
On Escape abilities don’t work when the user is stunned though, so there’s that.

Yup! I’ve been expecting swap-prevention being made more relevant, and it finally has, making the ability actually useful now. I’m pretty sure Phorusaura and Erlikogamma have it.

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Hey Infi, thanks for reporting this! Our team is looking into it.