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On grypolyth

Improved from’‘good for nothing’’ to ‘‘jack of all trade’’. Still not able to hold the ground against most relevant uniques across the board, much less against chompers. Regardless of immobilize is perfectly timed, low base stats grant opponents a free swap-in. Its defensive kit is a joke as well, long protection isn’t effective often due to: 1, long CD rounds; 2, chompers and shield breakers are ubiquitous for uniques; 3, free sneak-in with chompers and shield breakers with near no cost. The only relevant dino it may create threat to is erlidom. But again, the sacrifice of swapping in a better counter is little to none when fighting grypolyth. (also a free swap turn for grypo user but that ain’t the point)
Is grypo good or bad? May sound boring but it depends. In the trinity of speester, chomper and tank, grypo is the ideal candidate to put on team of 8 without breaking much balance. But it is still quite weak for a standalone dino, and with obvious weakspots. That would mean grypo will stand no chance once all its teammates go down one after another.
Does grypo need a rework? Pretty sure the answer is yes! Tryko has been reworked twice and now it’s been one of the best dino ever since 1.5. I do expect same thing will happen on grypo.

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Current version,
HP 4440, dmg 1000, speed 106
armor 20%, cr 5%
Long protection
Grypolyth inherit the most from purrolyth on paper. Its damage, speed and crit rate are not as great as its other parent gryposuchus.

The stats of gryposuchus:
HP 4050, dmg 1240, spd 116
armor 20%, cr 20%

HP 3600, dmg 1000, spd 105
armor 15%, cr 5%

4440 HP is only decent if grypo survives to shield up and at the same time, opponent is unable to break shield. Other than that, grypo can hold for 2 rounds if no crit involved; plus regen will make it 3, while chomping 50%+1k health off from opponent IF it doesn’t get debuffed in attack. That is usually the ending for grypo, leaving so much a mess for the next dino to clean up.
There’s two ways to buff that, increase the HP or increase dmg dished out per round.
Since there’s always been problems with little compensation when swapping into tanks, it seems grypo should focus on attack wise.
Replace DSS with minor rending attack? And base attack can use a little buff too, like 1120(neutralised with that of gryposuchus)?

Maybe a greater rending counter attack instead of the normal one can solve the problems. I like its move kit. Boosts spent on hp can also conplete the job!!

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I’ve been thinking on grypo for some time. I would like to see it have swap in heal (25% hp) while it keeps it’s current MS. Then it could be a countering hp pool. That’s kinda how I’ve been using it currently. But usually can only swap in and out once. Of course it still suffers from the chompers but with it’s long protection it stands a chance against the speedsters.
I also like the idea of having minor rending as it’s base. But it will do less damage vs. Lower hp creatures

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I have grypo in my team. He is not bad but it should be more powerful as a unique dino. (Grypo dna is very hard to get)

4500 hp
1100 Damage
115 Speed
30% Armour
5% Crit

Shielded Decelerating Strike
Defense Shattering Impact
Long Protection
Rending counter
Immune to Stun

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HP 4500, dmg 1000, speed 110
armor 20%, cr 10%
Long Defense Strike
Defense Shattering Rampage/Ferocious Impact

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If too much creatures will have immune to stun, stun abilities will worth nothing.

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Lol swap-in heal is cool. Rather than the boring 1on1, that requires more thinking and team chemistry.
Minor rending attack will benefit grypo for the most part, even if it sacrifice some of its power to low HP dinos, it makes up with causing bigger trouble to its original counters.
But that’s not all of it. I was thinking to replace long protection with long shielding strike. That brings 2 points: 1, get the incremented base attack in line; 2, ability can be applied more effective.

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Immune to stun is dead crucial for grypo. To say the least during grypo mirror fight, one doesn’t have to pray the other suddenly get a phone call…
On a more serious note, grypo has a hard time dealing with rinex doesn’t matter it’s shielded or not. A successful stun doesn’t only grant a free hit but also potentially wear off its shield. Nothing the rinex user has to worry about if attack of grypo is even cut in half. Shield does nothing but leaves it die later, unless a stunning strike is sure to get a hit+counter hit in return

My version:
4500 HP
1000 Damage
20% armor
5% crit
112 speed(all crocs are faster than it so why not? It should be faster than most tanks anyway)

Ferocious shattering strike(datamined basic move. 1x damage, 33% attack buff for 3 turns)
Long protection

Rending Counter

:thinking: 3 turns? Will it stack?

I don’t know, but it was datamined a while back. But even if it does, depending on the matchup grypo won’t be able to just spam this move.

Looks fine on paper, HP*(0,25+0.375)+base attack. Ensure it will leave opponent with 500-1500 in HP range when taken down.