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On open letter to Ludia Part 1 (Hitting you because of what you did to maxima)

Dear Ludia

You might want to urgently think about nerfing maxima as soon as possible. And when I say nerf I dont mean stomping it back to the ground similr to what you did to procerat, indo gen 2, mammoth family and others alike. When I say nerf I mean tweaking minor things ex removing/ reducing its armor/ hp given it has a high attack and very good skillset or removing its crit or lowering its attack etc etc. This dino has:

1.high health which is understandable given type.
2. high attack (some would say that its attack is less than half of its hp which is a very week argument given the fact that its hp is too high)
3. high armor for a dino that has a very high hp
4. high crit for a dino with slightly high attack
5. bugged instant invi (dont get me started with that “its not a bug” conversation because the mere fact that its INSTANT and allows you to block 2 turns is stupid)
6. Anti fast dino
7. Anti dodger
8. Anti tanker
9. Anti chomper/ nuker
10. Resistance closest to Immunity

To summarize its 99% perfect. This is the perfect “my dinos are weak so I’ll lose the first 2 kill…but i have maxima so watchagonnado?? Go back home and cry!” Bluff dino.

Something to think about. If you guys thinks your “oh just spend money to get better dinos” plan A or “why didnt you focus in getting it during the previous event” plan B will work, think again. Frustrated players will just quit instead of trying to grind and grind trying to
A.) counter just ONE dino and
B.) trying to get a Maxima but given that its recipe is during event only, its gonna be near impossible or a very very very very low chance.

Yes you might say that your long time players dont have a problem with it but take note, numbers wise there are more new players now and these new players will be going through items A and B. If they wont progress if they are F2P or will pay so much just to be SLIGHTLY GOOD BUT STILL WAY WEAKER THAN LONG TIME PLAYERS, surely the only option will be quitting.

You can thank me later Ludia.

And for those who will argue that this is a game and every game should have a Tyrant dino your kidding. Its not a tyrant. Its way better than a tyrant. Its somewhat like a hardest bess in every game level. So yeah thats the reason why its not considered as a tyrant.

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Just bring back the Group decel Impact and 5400 hp, and fix that IIT then Maxima will more balance. It’s suppose to be the best dino in 2.0 ( made from 1 epic, one daily rare (hard to find), and one epic exclusive event (10 × FIP (food, interact, play) to get one fusion). I don’t care about Ludia gave us too many Max’s or her ingredient DNA in the past especially brachi (exclusive is exclusive).

i can agree that the instant invincibility blocking 2 attacks in pvp is dumb, but it is only 1 turn. they changed how turns work. Abilities like shields and evasion count down from user turns now and not opponent turns. but that aside, blocking up to 4 opponent attacks (yes it has happened) shouldn’t be an ability this creature can do with everything else it has going for it. Gemini’s Group invincibility is only 1 attack. Flip flop them and i think it will be ok.

Agree. Or whatever slight nerf as long as its not gonna go down similar to those from hero to zero nerfed dinos

Up up up!!! Guys!

Agreed on decel impact, It could get the impact version of group decel impact. But I’d prefer a more bulky with less damage Maxima, 5400 seems a bit low imo. Something like: 5700 HP and 1100 damage, given It gets the impact. If It maintains two rampages I’d give It 1050 damage. The issue with Maxima is not really the HP (although 6000 is indeed too much) but the high damage. It’s an anti-tank tank, not a chomper, so It should be able to take hits but not deal as much damage as It deals now.

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Agree on this. Its an anti everything dino. You basically have a best of “all worlds” dino here and ludia is to blind to admit that.

People might say dots can kill it. But really? Just swap to a sacrifice dino and then swap it in your back in the game again.

Indeed, not only does Maxima need a small nerf of it’s own, but It needs more bleeders that are able to stand up to It. DoT would kill It If the only viable counter wasn’t just Thyla. The other bleeders need to be buffed, all of them need immunity to decel so they can counter resilient creatures. Right now they aren’t really too viable.

Agree. Maxima now is like a raid boss. Sucks that they buffed maxima too much. Well if ludia is trying to trim the number of players, maxima’s buff is a good way to do it

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