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On the Bright Side and... What To Do Now?

So, I found myself able to hunt all day for, um… unfortunate reasons, but I set a personal record of 5 turtles (in 6 hours) and was able to do this!

Now that my turtle guy is quite the monster, and likely to take another few weeks to level up, I’m wondering what I should sink some boosts into next. I like weird stuff that is relatively nerf-safe, and hate all the usual suspects. I don’t play tryko, thor, erlidom, magna, utarinex, diol, indo, or indo2.

I’ve been contemplating Edmontoguanodon, I’ve faced a few that were real trouble, and it’s legendary kind of sucks. Although, I do like that Smiley is getting a second rampage and immune to slowing… I could sink some turtle into that now, get it up a level and boost it. Quetzo has also been a favorite for a while… Thyla is 30 and has been on the team forever now, but the 2 turn delay for its rend will make me bench that.

Grypo could be interesting. Hmm… One lucky 30 fuse from L27 on that one, and if I miss it, sanctuaries could help make it happen a lot faster than darting, since I never see the damn thing.

Anyone have any advice? Having good success with some oddball I may not be considering?

PS. I’m also assuming the new snake stuff will likely be exclusive in one way or another, so probably not going to wait for the update to decide anything.


Well I dunno if Indom would be considered one of the usual suspects, but I dont recall the last time it ever got a nerf so its pretty safe.
Pretty straight forward to use but excels at what it does, easyish to level and since it’s immune it will fit the meta well.

I love the way you say you like different stuff that is relatively nerf proof, then say you’ll be benching your Thyla because of its nerf :rofl:

The way Ludia do what they do, it seems more likely that the stuff that should be nerfed won’t be, and the ‘safe’ bets are more likely to be, so maybe look at getting an incomeraptor gen2 and a Yoshi into your team :man_shrugging:


Done and done -


Here’s what I got… Vexus is a possibility too. Since I don’t buy anything anymore I’m quite indecisive and picky about where to invest.

I use yoshi, and I never have any trouble beating indoG2 (not sure why everyone else does?) so I invested heavily in its parent, the much better creature IMHO.

I have been running Baja @tuco and it is really fun. With the priority regen you can take a hit, apply vulnerability, regen into Monostego and do some damage. It is quite fun, except for all the immunes. But Edmontoguanodon would suffer from Immune creatures too. So I recommend the Legendary. Great for swap teams or counter attack heavy teams.

First I must say I’m envious of that maxed Indom lol, but as for a team choice, what I used to so is do a bunch of matches and take note of what your team strugfles against most, then add whatever hard counters that.

Or if it’s a case of the team lacking a certain trait (mine was too slow) add what fills that gap.

I found it helpes to record the matches and play them back to look for where I went wrong.

Thanks. I could just never get it to survive long enough to use its devastation. Maybe I’ll give it another go. I find the rare baja everywhere so it’s easy to level up for me.

Is yours boosted? If so, how?

Not boosted, only L27. I have been using it, Tyranolophosaurus and Monostegotops all Unboosted to try and stay away from the beach and that 2 minute timer. The rampant use of Immune creatures makes it pretty mediocre but Edmontoguanodon and SS has the same issue.

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