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On the bright side

A list of things that have improved (at least for me):
Map loading time
More supply drops in the park (will have to check spawns tomorrow, I can only see the drops from home)
Dynamic cameras in sanctuaries (not really needed but it’s cool)
Darting (although the drone can get out of control sometimes)
Receiving a phone call mid battle didn’t seem to lag as hard as it used to.
Winning animations of creatures seem to no longer stutter.

Stuff that worked in my favor but not in other’s:
Although I’ve pretty much lost some of the stats I had in the past and can now only afford to recover 1 creature of 2 in boosts, I’ll catch up fast with the future tiers if one costs 100 and those 100 can be gained each week plus small bonuses.
I’ve recovered 2 supply drops that used to be out of my range. I can now see the invisible creatures near my house.
Also, Ludia finally got rid of that abomination of 2 supply drops that had 1 sanctuary each and engulfed event creatures. Now they’re spread out nicely a bit further from that spot, with 1 sanctuary each.

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