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On the list of bugs we ACTUALLY want fixed in 2.1

Alliance Chat should not skip like crazy.

Donation requests should also not skip around the chat like crazy. Donation requests should be put inside a tab which will replace the REQUEST button. Pushing this tab will take people to a request list where they can request / donate. This list should be separate from chat.

Players’ actual trophy count should show in Recently Battled. Not 0s, not their high scores (though if you want, add high score as extra) but CURRENT TROPHY COUNT.

Raids should be joinable on the first invitation we get, not on the 100th.

Minor bug but sometimes visiting the sanctuary and checking DNA gain says less will be gained than in reality. This is because the amount doesn’t refresh sometimes, so one has to get out of the sanctuary and back in to see the real gain value. This happens if your game runs for too long (especially if it has been sent in the background).


Lol they said they squashed tons of bugs, only for us to realize, they only fixed the minor ones, or even just the irrelevant ones

Meanwhile, in game:


I would rather see JWA 2.1 - We finally fixed match making.

Then, JWA 2.2 - We finally fixed the chat and all the other bugs.

Then, and only then, I would like to see JWA 2.2+ - We are changing some creatures and adding new features.

What we will get instead, JWA 2.1 - Hey, we added more stuff, disregarded bugs, and we are super excited to take your money!

They have to fix incentives to drop in the first place.

OMG yes. Just limit dropping already.

They could fix most of dropping if they didn’t give huge timers to the players of Shores, and also the boosts from incubators are also a reason why we have so many people dropping. They have HC, and spend it on incubators + their 15 minute ad watch. Solution would be to find a different way to earn boosts (daily missions and such).

Maybe they bought a crate of actual live roaches and went out and squashed them so they would not be lying when they said they squashed a lot of bugs.

Player: How many bugs did you Squash?
JWA: Oh man, we squashed so many bugs.
Player: Cool, so the game will run better and be more fair?
JWA: Wait…the game? I was talking about crickets and roaches.


I think maybe something like a universal timer, do whatever they want with boosts, but then limit trophy losses to like -500 a season. At the start of each season, drop everyone down an arena. Remove the two loss AI for under Aviary. Whatever the highest like 20% of players are over aviary, they should be dropped to a similar count so they still have people to play. No matching on team power, strictly trophies. With dropping limited, the arenas would normalize.

I am not even against limiting the use of epics, legends, and uniques at the lower levels. So like maybe 0-1000 can only use rare and normal. 1000-2000 can start using epics. 2000-3000 can start using Legends, and then 3000+ use whatever. I faced a LV 10 user on a smaller account of mine that had a LV 22 Maxima among a team of rares and a few low leveled epics. Of course, this person would have been part of alliance that got the rewards in the tournament I imagine.

Its easy to say these things, in practice, they could be just as problematic though.