On the list of things I'd like to see added... Boverisuchus!

The hoofed crocodile. (well not an actual croc but still)


it’s so cute.

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Yeah, saw it in this documentary:

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Nice. On the topic of croc like creatures, I’d also like armadillosuchus, anatosuchus and desmatosuchus added.

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So many crocs! I like armadilosuchus if they’d make him have that croc-snake head.

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I love destmatosuchus’ spikes. It’s just a carnivorous crocodilian(ish) Nodosaurus.

Isn’t it herbivorous?

Was it? Lol idk. I kind of just assumed all Archosaurs were carnivorous or omnivorous. The way Desmato’s mouth was, with sharper teeth in the back, and a toothless beak/bill on the front, kind of leads me to believe it’s omnivorous.

Edit: Just did some research, apparently Desmato was primarily herbivorous but a lot of websites were unsure or didn’t say. Postosuchus definitely ate meat though which is what led me to believe this did as well. Turns out Desmato isn’t as closely related to Posto/Kaprosuchus as it looks.

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Those archosaurs were very diverse and occupied almost every niche at their time. As far as I know desmatosuchus is a herbivore.

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according to wiki, scientists believe it was a herbivore.

Boverisuchus looks closer to Kapro. And it apparently walked on land, wheres with Kapro there’s no actual confirmation from what I remember.

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Yes omg it’s so cute! I would keep it as a pet if I could. Like an exotic pet. Give it a couple square miles of land to let if roam free. It looks like it was able to hunt mainly on land, and if it wanted to hunt fish, then it might’ve wallowed in the waters and swam like hippos. I would love to see this cutie in the game.

Desmatosuchus being a herbivore would probably be a nice pet too. Imagine throwing lettuces at your giant spiky croc.

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Pelican croc lol

Another reptile,while not technically a crocodile or a dinosaur that i would likw to see in this game is tanystropheus. Another weirdy from the triassic.


I was just going to recommend pelican croc lol.

I do want more crocs, pseudo crocs, and croc-alikes. Saurosuchus, Quinkana, Prionosuchus, Anatosuchus, Smilosuchus, Nicrosaurus, etc

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