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On the verge of quitting this until 1.9

Ludia: You can get good prizes once you get out of badlands
The matchmaking in badlands puts the worst part of my team against these monsters as a “fair match” to take 40 trophies from me

How in the world is this anywhere near balanced, it’s like Stephen Hawking vs Muhammad Ali. It doesn’t help that my opponents’ abilities will always work and mine will never work (especially cloak) and get crits for every creature with 5% while my T. rex gets one maximum (only gets crits when an opponent has like 1 health left) and magically losing a match that you were winning . I really want to enjoy this game but it’s things like this that ruin the app experience for me (and nearly everyone playing it that does not have a full level 30 team with tier 10 boosts for each)


I agree!!! Constant criticals,dodge,and stuns for opponents. So tired of this! Guess they are in hopes of persuading you to spend more money to level up.