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On the verge - two L30's


Like the title, I am on the verge of reaching level 30 with two of my favorite dinos. I’ll have to coin to do whichever gets there first, and probably buy what I need for the second. They are my two little workhorses.

The roach and the razor (how I think of them).

Yep. Soon I will have a level 30 gorgosuchus and ankylocodon. It feels good!

The roach can really hold its own against some pretty heavy foes, and the razor, used correctly, can really crush anything with just one leaping chomp.

Keep an eye out!!

What was, or might be your first level 30?


Question without any judgement.

That is an insane amount of dna and coin. How much real money have you spent on this game? Just wondering how much cash the top tier players are dropping on Ludia to be top tier.


Honestly, I’m still far from top tier (though I usually linger around 200th place +/-). I grind a lot and collect every coin of my limit daily, and have been playing from almost day 1. That being said, I have spent a few hundred, mostly on the one time offers, and the similar VIP offers that give a lot of cash and coin. If I were to add it up, it’s probably more than I think, or would like to admit… but I’m not going to do that. :slight_smile:

My alliance has helped a lot too - thanks EuphoriaZ!! Loaded with great folks.

(oh, and I have done a ton of tapjoy offers for free hard cash in order to buy coin, too)


@Rantz your reply disappeared before my eyes lol.

And GRATS!! I don’t know when ill have a 30.


Yeah, something I say in that triggers the auto-moderation, so whenever I edit it, it gets hidden again!


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My first LV30 is Stegod (luckily complete that before ver.1.5), second is Majunda.
Then the third one might be…Tarbo!!

Sadly I still must drop Majunda from me deck, because they still forget that promised buff for this kid after almost 2 months passed down LOL.


First level 30 is stegod. 2nd will be indo, currently 29


first and only is stegodeus. indoraptor at 28. monomimus like 95% to 28 will likley be the next if there is one :man_shrugging:


I’ve been playing 2 hours a day since launch and keeping my battle incubators full and yet my highest is LVL 23. Idk how you guys do it!!

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Made it!!!


For a long time I had the luxury of being able to play as much as I wanted, and I would bike around a good size city with a ton of spawns, day and night. Then I moved and got a job… but I still manage 3-4 hours a day biking. Spawns here are nowhere near where I used to live, though.


My highest is Stegodeus on L26, and Indoraptor is less than 20 DNA off that too. God knows when I will have an L30 but I never thought I would have an Indoraptor at one point and now look. Could well be Suchotator - on a bit of a charge with him and I get a lot of Suchomimus via the Sand Dunes Alliance (most people have run out of the other things I need, so I regularly ask for it) - up from L22 to L24 this week alone :slight_smile:

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I hope to have a 30 by march. And i hope its diloracheirus.


My first level 30 was Stegoceratops. My Stegodeus suffered for a while because i did the last few levels of Stegocera without touching Stegod. My most recent 30 is Dilorach and it’s a lot of fun to use.


She’s beautiful! :heart_eyes:


I know for a fact that my current level 25 Spintosuchus will most likely be my 1st level 30 dino with maybe Trystronix (whose a lvl 24 currently) will prolly be my 2nd even tho I’m going to try to get Diorajasaur to be my 2nd if I can help it tho since I personally LOVE his overal look, design, move set, and frankly truly believe he is the coolest looking dinosaur in this game with Tyrannolophosaur tied in 2nd alongside Spintosuchus as my favorite dinosaurs.


Super jealous. I have zero idea where Dilopho shows up. Mine is stuck at 22 since the last spawn event with dilophos weeks ago. On the plus side this holiday even though threw so much Apato and Stego at us that i used up my giant hoard of Nodo dna and pushed Stegodeus from 27.5 to 28.5.

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