On time offers

How much HC is the one time offer for aviary? Does it go by level or arena?

It’s been awhile, but I think it was actual currency, not HC. I could be wrong. I am prolly thinking of the level up ones. :wink:

It’s been awhile here too, but want to say 49.99 usd.

I don’t think there’s a one-time offer for moving up arenas, only for leveling-up.

This is one thing I didn’t care to keep careful tracking but yes at every level up/arena you get the opportunity to purchase the one time offers (some use in game cash, others are real money).

I do have one example to show for the arena one so see here (far from level 12 and in the faint background you can see trophy count of 3028):

There’s is an oto for moving up Arenas. But just for the first time. You will not get another if you get back after that dropping down.

I know there will be one that uses HC for the arena. Just not sure if the cost is based on your level (like in the store) or it is based on which arena you are moving into. The one for leveling up is real money, the one for arenas is HC. I’m trying to find out how much it is. I don’t want to move up until I have enough. I believe I paid around 4500 when I got into Lockwood estates. Not sure if aviary is more. Anyone move up to aviary recently?