Once again boost does not replace skill and actual grinding

Was lvl 29 he was spamming bored emoji, also had a lvl 27 miragaia, 20 indom, and 19 rat
image image

This is honestly a great example of how bad boosts can get

Lol he lost to this

Anyone got any victory or defeats against whales they like to show

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boosts won’t do you any good if you have poor strategy.
I have an image somewhere of a max hp thor that was brought out against me. After their indo g2 died cause they played it bad. (aslo boosted)
tho they didn’t spam the boring emoji, they did throw it out when i took too long to pick. and my choice payed off cause their thor didn’t crit twice and was dead on the floor. got a nice angry emote after that.


That’s not a whale, there are no whales in aviary.


Pfft hahahah :rofl: that’s funny ugh you made laugh so hard

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I honestly wanna see that now :sweat_smile:

I wouldn’t really post any wins or defeats here.
Usually it’s just a GG on discord… But if I beat Eddie again it will be in the achievement thread.

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i don’t remember the level of the thor. (some field guide research could help me figure it out)but here it is.

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I’m scared :worried: like how and why?

Lol also what was that about whales in aviary

I defeated a Suchotator with a tryko so I guess that an achievement

There aren’t. A boosted dino does not equate to a whale. Neither is spending money.

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I put it in the grave and won lol.


You sir have all my respect

Although with that health one lethal from that thyla in the corner it’s gonna be in trouble

It’s always a Thor lol. Tier 30 of boosts xD if my minimal boosted team is wasting these thors wait till there boosts start getting a little closer. Going to get rekt.


Yup (characters)

The player themselves is the whale, the Dino is the crutch :slight_smile:

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In current system boosts can’t replace lvls. Two tiers of boosts are equal to one lvl. So actually only super boosted creatures can have real advantage over high lvl unboosted teams. That’s why many go all in with boosts on one or two creatures.

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Bingo bongo

Yes I know, and someone with a boosted dino isn’t necessarily a whale. Should have been more clear.