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Once again nothing but green drops


When is this going to be fixed?

We have another update and still we get nothing but green drops here every Wednesday, and every time there is a special event.

No strike towers, no orange drops, no chests, nothing but green drops for miles and miles.

And no I’m not wasting more of my time sending you the same pics …

Just give us an answer because this is just ridiculous now.


Same here!!! It’s been since last Monday. Maybe 10 days with no solution. I’ve emailed I’ve used the in game chat I’ve posted here I’ve posted on Facebook! I’m so fed up with no help. These photos were taken today at 12:23 and 12:24 pm.


Sounds like a location imbalance, as I still have plenty of orange drops in my area. I don’t know why they can’t distribute the drops evenly like they did in the past.

I’m still convinced this is server problem. Could be that server receive right data, but on a way from server to phones something go wrong and we see wrong map displayed.
All started with map update in 1.10.

This is what I have here once again…

I wish I can share my map spawns with you guys. I have a green drop in my circle and plenty a bit farther away, but I still have quite a few regular drops and strike events near me.

Yes Imre, it was fine until the update in 1.10

For me too problems started with 1.10, just my main problem is a bit different (empty area on map). Although number of green drops is also insane sometimes.

I just want it fixed. If I refresh the app when I actually have an orange drop then I get the all green all the time drops. It goes on for at least 3-4 miles in any direction. I’m just so over it. So far no response from support except the we are working on it. At this point I’d like someone to actually respond.


I just wanted some sanctuary items and stat boost strike… But since there doesn’t seem to be a single orange drop in my city, guess not…

It’s nice to know I’m not alone in my green wasteland… but somehow that’s not much of a comfort :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s awful I know. Just don’t refresh the app. If you have a a few orange and refresh you’ll then have none. I got another BS email response. We are working on it. Whatever. That’s no smaller comfort to me.

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Blessed you. I have the opposite problem. I got tired of texting for assistance… it’s the most ridiculous software house there is…:zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:

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I hardly have ANY green supply drops in my area. It always happens with RARE dinos. I’m so tired of this. I couldn’t dart a single Dimetrodon today.